Amy Adams as Janis Joplin?

According to the IMDB, a film about Joplin is in the works, with Adams as the lead. Anybody can be uglied up with prosthetics and makeup, but I don’t find any evidence that she has the vocal chops for this. I suppose they could do voice-over, but that’s almost always obvious.

First I heard of it. Great biopic material – not exactly a Hollywood story, I guess which is maybe why “they” haven’t done it yet. An utterly unrepentant sinner, who is also kind of fugly.

I don’t know – I guess Amy Adams could do it if she wanted to. I never quite got the memo that she was an actual actress, just that she was kind of spunky. But if she is a real actual actress, sure, why not.

If she can pull off Giselle AND Joplin, then wow! She has a far greater range than I expected.

There have been multiple Joplin projects in the works for years. I don’t know if any will ever be made.

She’s been nominated 4 times for Oscars in very different roles. Watch The Fighter and see if she is a real actress.

She can definitely sing, though I’ve never heard her sing anything stylistically like Joplin.
I’m sure they’ll keep her pretty. Sure not as “pretty” as her fairytale princess character in Enchanted, maybe even not as pretty as her lower class bartender character from The Fighter, but I highly Doubt they’ll give her the full Charlize Theron Monster treatment.

I have no quarrel with her acting, but any bio I could find online pretty much only goes to the level of “she likes to sing karaoke”. She seems to have a passable voice, but to be able to belt out Joplin’s gravelly blues style will require more than a shower singer.

Eliahna posted a YouTube link for a scene from the movie Enchanted. If you’re not familiar with it, she clearly displays that her singing talent goes far beyond shower/karaoke.

Stylistically it is very different singing than what would be required to portray Joplin, but the talent is clearly there.

Yeah, she can carry a tune and sing a chirpy love song. But I think a competent rendition of Piece of My Heart is gonna be a tough goal to reach.

I don’t think I’ll be able to watch a Janis Joplin bio without thinking of Jenna Maroney in Jackie Jormp-Jomp.

Ok, who’s around who can do a credible Joplin vocal?

“Synonym’s just another word for the one you wanna use…”

I’m blanking on the name but she was a popular singer within the last five years. I think she was part of a group.

“They” did do this before, with Bette Midler and The Rose. They fudged the story a bit to make it a star vehicle for Midler, but it was the same story gussied up so hat they didn’t have to pay her estate.

Jamie Foxx lip-synced over real Ray Charles recordings in “Ray”. Nothing requires Amy Adams to mimic Joplin’s voice - she’ll certainly be dubbed over with the real thing.

It already has a criterion poster, which makes it more real to me than this Amy Adams things.

Mary Bridget Davies? Don’t know if she can act, but she can sure sing.

Melissa Etheridge comes to mind – she does a pretty darned good cover of Piece of My Heart, and she was chosen to introduce Joplin’s induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Of course, she’s not an actress, and she’s over 50, but she could do a credible job on the music.

Right. Forget singing, is Amy Adams prepared to eat a cat and speed-walk eveywhere?

I’d rather see a decent actress lip synch than one who doesn’t do the music justice. There’s plenty of room for enhancement of a real voice in-between. I think Tina Turner did all the singing in What’s Love Got To Do With It. Janis Joplin can’t do it for this film, but her recordings might work in some cases.

I’m going to gather 31 non-singers of whom the best that can be said is that they “can carry a tune”. I will send one a day for a month to your home to sing “Happy Working Song” from the movie Enchanted.

I promise, you will not thank me.
Non-singers should never even attempt that song.

Again, stylistically her singing in that movie is very different than what would be required for a Joplin movie but her singing in Enchanted is conclusive evidence that she is a talented singer well beyond being able to “carry a tune” (not to mention her live performance at the Oscars that year).