Amy Winehouse Checks Into Rehab??

They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no.

Reality apparently overruled that sentiment:

Obligatory Amy Winehouse drunken Youtube Video:

Does it make me a bad person that I can’t watch that without laughing?

(Edited: Apparently I need to brush up on my coding skills.)

Wow - Zombie poster ^.

thanks for posting that video… I could only make it about a minute in… that was uncomfortable.

I really love Amy Winehouse’s music. I cannot STAND to look at her though. She’s monstrous to me. I think she looks like R. Crumb’s Devil Girl.


Welcome back, girl! Don’t be such a stranger. :slight_smile:

Not at all.

It is good to see Charlotte Church still has the pipes, but Amy… my God, Candy Slice was more coherent!

Oh, now there’s a flashback. Way back when the board was free and I was registered as Typo, I loved your username. I wondered idly what Drain Bead meant…was it a drop of water glistening in the sink? Was it dadaism or just plain whimsy? When I finally caught on, I was so glad I’d never actually asked. :blushing:

I guess her Daddy minds.

I hate to further the hijack, but Drain Bead?? I did a double-take when I saw your name! Good to see you!

Anyway, I always assume “exhaustion” = “overdose”. Well I hope rehab works out for her. That song is biting her in the ass, ain’t it?

I so thought we were long past the point when assholes could glorify indiscriminate drug use.

I’ll bet that one stint in rehab won’t be enough for Winehouse either. Although 30 days of being forced to watch that video might help. :smack:

Dial-up sucks. :frowning:

I want to join in the welcome back Drain Bead chorus.

Any speculation as to what she has OD’d on? Given the way she used to look and the way she looks now, I’ll WAG it was coke.

Judging from how she looks, she should change her name to Amy Crackhouse.

Hey Drain Bead! Nice to see you, girl!

That video was so pathetic… and I’m an ex-drunk and ex-junkie… Eh, rehab probably won’t fix her, so don’t bet money on it. hardly anyone who tries to get sober stays that way.

On the bright side, Charlotte Church has growed up reeeal good.

Gee, what a surprise. Though, her statement to the press ( or whomever) seemed exceptionally normal, instead of the usual " My client is taking a very proactive stance in their health and asks for her privacy during this time" nonsense.

Holy crap, that video was like the worst karaoke I’ve ever heard. I’m surprised they didn’t have chicken wire up in front of the stage.

I do love “I’m No Good”, though.

Wait. Who is Amy Winehouse (apart from the lush trying to pour her way through the linked song, that is)?

She’s a very talented British soul singer. Her second album, Back To Black, is a really great homage to the Motown sound, and it would be very hard to tell you’re listening to a 23-year-old British Jewish ex-chav girl in 2007. Unfortunately, she seems hell-bent on committing suicide (and not just career suicide) due to her well-publicized substance abuse.

I have never actually heard her sing- all I ever read about is her freaking hair…

Trashy, trashy girl…