An 18 Wheeler gets chase out of Houston by cops.

Major wreckage. Rampaging driver rolled cars out of his way.

=]This link, which is register free, explains it in greater detail.

This gets a big WTF!

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Ooooooookay. Looks like someone had a* little* too much coffee this morning! :smiley:

Jeez Louise! :eek: Yet another reason to avoid the Southwest Freeway.

Didn’t these guys ever watch Mad Max? The only way to stop a rampaging 18-wheeler is to ram it head-on with two guys strapped to your hood.

She sings, dances and drives a truck. Britney, how little I knew thee.

In other news, the two females jumped in a car driven by Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise and finished the Cannonball Run.

So the guy is desperate to NOT get caught. The cops say they don’t know why the guy ran. :rolleyes:

The man is known to have had two females with him. My guess is they were probably hookers. Okay…the wife might get a little pissed off when she finds that out I’d bet.
He has a bag of cocaine in the cab of the truck too. Well there goes his trucker’s license AND the truck too.
They say he purposely ran into a building because he had the wrong address to get this started. That doesn’t make much sense but then again…he doesn’t appear to have much sense. So, there ya go.

Hahaha the Snowman was driving, and the Frog was with him. I feel sorry for those Smokies when the Bandit and Captain Chaos get a hold of them.