An AC/DC cover even better than Celine Dion's

Okay, so I’m not actually an AC/DC fan and wouldn’t know one of their songs if it bit me on the ass.

But I know awesome when I see it.

Two guys with cellos perform heavy metal as I’ve never seen it before.

Just to get this out of the way - Apocalyptica has been doing heavy metal covers on cello for decades. If you like this, check them out too. They also have a lot of original stuff that’s even better, IMHO.

I’ll look for them–thanks!

I present Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep NSFW

Weren’t these the same guys that did Cello Wars?

No, that cello duet is from the oddly named Piano Guys*. If you look, you’ll see that both sides of that one are being played by the same person. The Piano Guys also have some good cello stuff.

*They started off working in a piano shop. The cellist joined later, after the name had been chosen.

Rock and roll on cello is pretty awesome in all it’s forms. Definitely check out Apocalyptica though.

I’ll echo that they’re basically an Apocalyptica knock off.

Which I am TOTALLY fine with since the world needs more orchestral rock.

I you like symphonic rock, check of Symphonic Pink Floyd.

Here’s the London Philharmonic’s cover of Time.

The whole album’s great.

Great video.

started going down the list of what they cover and plugged my computer into the surround sound. While doing this I was watching a PBS show on how they moved the Easter Island statues. The statues were rocking to “smells like teen spirit”.

dang, these guys nailed “back in black”. It’s a song that is dominated by the vocalist and they picked it right up with strings.

That’s pretty friggin great interpretation for two cellos. (And I say that as someone who is left cold by the Apolcolyptica covers.) Great feel in this.

These guys actually have some real classical music cred.

I think that Stjepan Hauser was one of Rostropovich’s last students, no less.

That’s part of what I thought was so cool about it–I know only slightly more about classical string music than I know about AC/DC, but from what I can tell, these guys have some pretty powerful technique.

Interesting Wikipedia article.

I assume you’ve heard Hayseed Dixie.

Hayseed Dixie is AWESOME!