An easy way to save a large number of links to iPhone safari

I have an iPhone 7 plus. I’m planning a trip and would like a convenient place to save the large number of travel links I run across when doing travel research. There’s got to be an easy way to do this, right? I’d also like to be able to delete selected links as I leave a city and also move links up and down as I decide which are the most important.

Here’s instructions for syncing Safari in iCloud. You can download the iCloud app for Windows, it’s not just for Mac.

I don’t have Safari on my PC but when I open the iCloud app it says “Bookmarks…from Firefox”.

If you use Chrome on your PC you can also sync without iCloud, you would just need to use Chrome on your phone instead of Safari.

Are you trying to save the webpages locally so you don’t need mobile data? Safari supports that natively (look for “Add to Reading List”)

Otherwise you could look for an offline browser; there are probably dozens of free ones in the app store

I use TripIt when traveling because it allows me to add useful webpage links to the itineraries. This is really helpful have ready access to the links that relate to the city or even point of interest on the itinerary (instead of having to search through all the webpage links that I may have saved during research).