An English language research --help!

Recently I’ve read a post from other bbs forum which has something to do with my graduate thesis paper. I need to know more info about it and I 'll be appreciated if you could give me a hand .

that post goes like this:

I want to know which university it is mentioned in this post and, if possible, the whole content of this kind of research. Also I need some websites which are related with this kind of language research.


PS :it seems that words that contain 3 letters or less cannot be scrambled… (coz the first and the last letters must remain intact). but i guess it’s quite easy to guess what a scrambled 3-letter word is.

Related link - looks like a fake/made up thing?

Snopes comments - undetermined…


Here’s what Snopes has to say about it.

Apparently the intervening characterss have to retain some of the ordering. If you simply reverse the order ot the invervening charactrers, it’s suddenly a lot more complicated to comprehend

i’ve seen this doing the rounds too. here dr. graham wilkinson claims this as part of his phd thesis. this is not available online but all phd theses are published and you should be able to get a copy from the university library if you write to them. there may be a charge for this. apparently there was some similar research done, also in the 1970’s which was published in the scientific american. the online archives only go back to 1993 but your university librarian should be able to help you obtain a copy. make friends with the librarian, they have magical powers.

Thanks a lot. You guys are of great help!

It seems to be a big headache for me to google this kind of stuff.

I wonder if there are any Universites providing thesis paper on line concerining English language, expecially about business language. I am in great need of this kind of website that I could make some references, for my college is a small one and provide just a few writing materials

thanks again.

The bit about scrambled internal letters was discussed pretty recently in both MPSIMS and GQ, but damned if I can find either thread in a search. Maybe somebody else will have better luck.

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If you punch rscheearch into the search, it will give you a list.
An English language research --help!
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