An experiment relating to premonitions

I suspect that I am not at all unusual in that I quite often experience what appear to be mundane premonitions; usually it works like this: I am thinking about something specific (maybe my plans for the work day), my mind wanders and I will end up thinking of a song or film(movie) that is somehow tenuously linked to my original thoughts. I dismiss the thought as irrelevant, only to hear the song as soon as I turn on the radio in the car, or see the film on TV that evening. In retrospect, I am able to identify that the ‘premonition’ was accompanied by a certain feeling or emotion which I can’t properly describe.

Now before I go any further, let me explain that I’m not claiming to be psychic and I am well aware that what is most likely happening is that the hundreds and thousands of irrelevant thoughts that don’t match up with anything are being conveniently ignored; there may be other subconscious processes going on too (maybe a certain DJ always plays a certain song on the first Tuesday in April and my mind has unconsciously identified this pattern) and I’ll be the first to admit that the memory of the ‘feeling’ might just be a false one.

Anyway, this morning, I was in the bath; I was thinking about starting a pit thread titled ‘Please extinguish all cigarettes until we get these straw men shifted’ (relating my dismay at the general quality of some posts that I have seen in GD of late). My thoughts wandered and I ended up thinking about an old movie that I saw once a long time back; a stunt pilot was trapped in the wreckage of his crashed plane (he had been attempting a forward loop, I think); the public rushed forward to see the spectacle, but nobody would help the other pilot, who was trying to rescue him, somebody drops a cigarette onto the spreading pool of aviation fuel and a fire starts. Unable to extricate his screaming comrade from the burning plane, the other pilot punches him, knocking him unconscious (presumably to spare him the pain of burning), then walks away, leaving the crowd to watch him burn.
This ‘wandering thought’ was accompanied by the odd feeling that I have described above, so I thought it would make an ideal test.

So, I’ve posted the details before any confirmation of their accuracy; I don’t have a copy of the TV listings, the film is not the sort that will have been featured on a preview/trailer - I’m not aware of any way in which I could have picked up information about any plans to screen it (but I suppose that’s the point; I wouldn’t).

I will pop out this afternoon and buy The Radio Times - I don’t know what the film is called; perhaps someone could help me out? I suspect that I will have to include the embarrassed smiley in my next post to this thread.

Oh, and before anyone asks “where’s the debate?”; the debate will be ‘how does this work?’ and will begin if I find confirmation that the film is being screened on terrestrial TV in the UK sometime in the next week - if I find no such confirmation, I’ll ask for the thread to be closed.

Weirdly enough, I was going to bring up the same subject today (is that synchronous telepathy or clairvoyant empathy or what ;)?).

This morning, as I was driving into work, I was thinking about how nonsensical racism is, and was just progressing to thinking about the black middle-class of Harlem, when I looked up from my reverie, and as the word “Harlem” went through my mind, I simultaneously clapped eyes on the word “HARLEM” on a poster on the side of the street (for a performance of the Harlem Gospel Choir). Bear in mind that I am in Dublin, Ireland, and the district of Harlem is not exactly in the forefront of society. Nor, indeed, do I think about Harlem more than about once every couple of years.

How does it work? “Coincidence” is, I believe, the mechanism (though it certainly sent goose-bumps down my neck).

I think you are probably right, however, it would be significant if a person was able to highlight the first part of the coincidence before the second occurs.

The usual explanation for this kind of thing is that you did in fact hear something about the movie, but didn’t remember it, and this triggered the memory subconsciously. However, there have been things in my life that appear not to have any bearing on this explanation (e.g. my brother and I bursting into song simultaneously, halfway though the third verse of the song, in the same key, and in harmony). I’m very interested and shall be watching this thread.

I vaguely remember this scene, and I have a thought about what the movie is. Should I keep schtum?

I need to know what the movie is called so that I can search the listings.

If it proves true, I have a very tentative suggestion about a possible mechanism, but I’d better save that for later.

OK I think, though I’m not 100% sure (so if someone could confirm/correct me on this I’d be grateful), that the movie is The Great Waldo Pepper, a 1975 film starring Robert Redford. I remember watching the scene you mention as a child, and being very disturbed by it. If this isn’t correct, my other thought is that it might be the 1970s BBC drama series Wings, though I’m more convinced it’s the former.

Definitely The Great Waldo Pepper. Great movie.

Hmm, it was shown on BBC back in January, but this week’s listings aren’t available online, I will report back later.

My sister and I speculate on this a great deal. We have a different kind of “clairvoyance.” Not the always the premonatory kind, but the “connection” kind. Though, we often feel like it’s premonatory because we can determine what the other will do or say next in some very specific ways. Mind you, in no way do I believe in ESP or mind reading. It has always seemed very natural to us (as opposed to “supernatural”) that we could finish one another’s sentences, even when the first half of the sentence was, “You know…” We came from the same genes, after all…not to mention, growing up in the same house, sharing teachers, boyfriends, parents, etc.

I think it tends to even make us feel a little “proud” in the sense that we’re SO tuned in to another person and so aware of how they feel, what they think. Sometimes it even freaks out other people. I’ll be watching this thread with interest too. I sometimes think there are ways humans gather information that they’re unaware of or can’t thoroughly explain. I’d love to know what those ways are.

Well, the movie is nowhere to be seen in the listings, so barring unforseen schedule changes, the outlook is poor for my fledgling psychic abilities, ho hum.

Let’s never mention this again.

During yesterday’s Masters, I was telling Edlyn how much I used to like Chi-Chi Rodriguez. I told her about his sword swathing and whatnot. I’d heard nothing about him for years.

Today, a commercial comes on for something trivial, breath mints or something. And lo and behold, there’s Chi-Chi, and he does his sword thing.

Coincidence? Of course. But fun nonetheless.

Mangetout - I’ll keep my eyes open for the movie you mentioned, but frankly I don’t think I could watch that particular scene. I do wish my premonitions were the same type you have!

For whatever reason it may be, I’ve had premonitions concerning another’s death or serious injury since the age of 8. None of the persons were ill at the time and the premonitions flashing through my mind occurred two weeks to a couple of months before it would happened.

It’s not usually something I have shared with the person concerned, but of the two instances that I did, my dad was mindful of my distress (I was 12 at the time) and narrowly averted an accident on the highway, (He admitted he saw his life flash before his eyes.) and the second time I was saying goodbye to my aunt… I suddenly knew I’d never see her again and then she also knew, and knew that I knew. It was a tearful goodbye with extra kisses and long hugs. Needless to say it was hard to walk away and end those last moments.

It’s a burden I’d rather not bear. I’ve never run across an explanation as to how I can know these things.