An Eyebrow Q For Experienced Dopers

Cosmetologists, ladies and possibly gentlemen with experience…help!

I started tweezing my eyebrows 6 or 7 years ago. I have never waxed them. Recently, I noticed that they are asymmetrical. One eyebrow has an arch and is more rounded. The other has no pronounced arch and is kind of flat. I decided to grow them back in and then let a profession do their thing, so that they would be identical.

I stopped tweezing them four weeks ago, and they haven’t really grown in. The hairs that grow in are at the outside corners, and they are growing in low. There is a space between the eyebrow and the hair that is growing in. No hair grows in between to join them.

So what should I do? My dermatologist mentioned once that eyebrows grow in a 6-week cycle, and I’m certainly willing to be more patient, but I do not know if it’s worth it.

[li]Will they ever grow all the way in?[/li][li]Is it possible that the arch discrepancy can never be fixed?[/li][li]If they will grow in, how long should I wait?[/li][/ul]

Using make-up on them only seems to accentuate the differences between them. I’ve even begun to consider permanent make-up in the future if I can’t fix it. :frowning:


Eyebrow-shaping science, like most of women’s beauty issues, is rife with misinformation, even in seemingly credible sources, so I don’t have any cites for you; just anecdotes.

Some people I have known who have tweezed eyebrow hairs say those hairs never grow back.

I have been tweezing mine for more than a decade, and some hairs always come back, while others don’t. The ones that come back seem to me to be on a longer-than-6-week cycle. I’d say it’s worth it to try a three-month hiatus, if you can stand it.

On the other hand, the asymetricality you mention might be nothing to worry about. Faces are naturally asymetrical to some degree anyway. If you hadn’t noticed a problem in 6 or 7 years, chances are good no one else did either, or even that it actually complements your face.

You can use rogaine or progaine whatever its called to regenerate hair growth. Dab it on with a swab. That is the current remedy being prescribed in the fashion mags.

An idea:

Make yourself a mental template of the desired shape of the brows and tweeze outside that template while allowing for regrowth inside the template, make sense?
Give yourself a full two months to allow for complete regrowth.

The best way to cure the unevenness of the brows would be to relax the arched brow and hope for a fuller opposite brow to regrow and give you something more substantial to play with.

Here is a great page with fun factoids about eyebrow regrowth:

btw, i’ve waxed and tweezed and while the waxing lasts quite a bit longer, the hairs do eventually grow back in, tho mine do seem finer, which blows cuz they are now harder to tweeze.:rolleyes:

I can assure you that eyebrows can and do grow back. Much to my annoyance.

I am very, very platinum blonde (well, with red highlights) naturally. Therefore, my eyebrows look like disgusting white spiders and I have no desire to have them on my face. I’ve been plucking them completely out for about three or four years. I have to touch up the plucking about every other day. When I get lazy, yes, they do grow back. No, they do not grow back thicker and darker. They just grow back. (If anyone’s interested, I do not draw them back on, and not a single person has ever noticed, without me pointing it out, that I do not have eyebrows.)

Eyebrow-shaping is very tricky; I would reccommend having a professional do it and then touch it up yourself from there.

Thanks everyone!

** bendymonkey**, relaxing the arched one is a good idea. Do you think it’d be allright to try to relax it by shaving the hairs with an eyebrow razor instead of plucking them? This way if it’s heinous, they start growing back right away instead of weeks later.

** emilyforce**, you’re right. No-one notices it in real life, but it sticks out in photographs.

LauraLittlePony, I have a similar problem. My eyebrows are really light and don’t show up too much unless I put make-up on them. I, however, had been asked many times, “Where’re your eyebrows?”

They’re there, they’re just not dark.

Really? Hm. Maybe it’s because I have bangs–they draw attention away from where my eyebrows would be.

Shave? Sure, why not? If you are worried about mucking up the job, literally draw the outline onto your face and go from there, that way you can see exactly how you want the shape to be and then start plucking or shaving or whatever. Use an eyebrow pencil or liner pencil, either can be easily removed when you are done.

I have dilligently plucked, waxed, depilitated, etc. The damn things just grow where they want to, period. I am a redhead with darker auburn eyebrows and I recommend the wax shaping method at least every month to maintain shape. The thing that really pisses me off though, is than now the little eyebrow wretches have worked their way down to my chin!

I have been getting my brows tinted and waxed since summer 2001. I never plucked before that, ever. I’ve got red hair and white-blonde brows, and I love the fact that my eyes stand out even more now.

I touch-up pluck at home for when the hairs grow back in between waxings, and I notice that they are slightly finer than they were previously.

Spend the $15ish every 5-6 weeks, and let a pro do it. They can tell better what is even. One thing to make sure of, though, is that they do it to YOUR specifications. That they start out taking a little bit, and if you want them thinner, ask them to go a bit thinner. Make sure they get those fine hairs in between the brows. Make sure their wax isn’t too hot. The first time I had it done, I got slightly burned, but figured it was due to my hyper-sensitive skin.