How fast do eyebrows grow back?

So, today I come home from work at noon, kind of glance at my daughter and say hi. Then comes the classic double-take, and those words spoken by many a parent:
The next 20 minutes were taken up by me ROTFLMAO, then a trip to the store to buy eyebrow pencil so I can draw them back on.

About six weeks for them to return in a whispy, light state. Six months to be totally back to normal.

—Oh, on a side note: if you ever find yourself making plaster of paris life casts of your face in art class, LOTS OF VASELINE ON YOUR EYEBROWS AND EYELASHES!

Just thought I should share that…


First thing I thought of when I read your thread title was of that little incident I had with gasoline, a match, and the burn barrel on a particulary windy day when I was 10 or so. :eek:

Don’t remember how long it took my eyebrows, eyelashes, and bangs to grow back but I was quite happy it was so early in the summer.

I think this is a trick question…

I wax my brows & I know they grow in faster than 6 weeks. It depends on how fast the rest of her hair grows. Since they’ve only been shaven off, I would guess they will fill in in 2-3 weeks (although the 5 o’clock shadow should be interesting in the meantime).

This message brought to you by an adult who managed to cut off her eyebrows while triming her own bangs & lost the pad on an eyelash curler in mid-curl there by rendering her lash-less on one eye for a few weeks.

Unintentional, I know, but this thread is definitely in the spirit of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip. The title is priceless.

It only took a couple of weeks for the hair on my arm to grow back after someone dropped a cigarette on me in a mosh pit at a Jane’s Addiction concert.

Ok, so that wasn’t related to the op, I just had to share.


I believe that in parts other than the Michigan/Ohio area they are commonly referred to as “fringe” (although I could be mistaken).

It is the shorter area of hair covering the forehead in many common hairstyles.

I was talking to my eye doctor about this once when I was a teenager (No, I don’t remember why. HEY, it’s been a while.) Anyway, he told me that sometimes eyebrows and lashes don’t grow back when they’re completely removed, which is why they don’t shave them for eye and facial surgery.

Then again, Dr. Jim was often full of it; so take this information with a grain or two of salt. Offered solely FWIW.

They will go back thicker and faster with each subsequent shaving. . .

I had an acquaintence in 4th or 5th grade, who, to hear him tell the story, “Dove into his (above ground) pool, and scraped his face on a piece of glass that was on the bottom of it.” Of course, seeing as how it very neatly shaved off his eyebrow and left no other cuts, and the fact that his sister said he did it with a razor, I rather doubt his story. But, the relevant information here is that it looked normal after about a month.

untrue. They look thicker at first because the end of the hair is thicker, not having been worn down and thinned by life’s vicissitudes. But otherwise they behave like normal hair.

Um…has anyone read about Lana Turner? From what I recall, they shaved hers off but they never grew back.

I’ve been reading The Straight Dope online for years, but I never bothered with the message boards before – but I digress…

I remember going backpacking a number of years ago with a couple students who had never used a pressure stove before (gee, where could this story be going?). I turned around in time to see a whoosh of flame, and a kid missing most of an eyebrow. He was OK, but he didn’t do much cooking the rest of the trip.


For me, the older I get, the faster they grow. The fuller and furrier they grow. Now there is some grey hairs. They are the worst. I definitely trim them. I have thought of eliminating them as well.

So what. Your daughter has no eyelashes. BFD. Doesn’t seem to bother her. She could be putting tatoos on her arm, or butt, or hoop rings in her nose.

Okay, this is somewhat embarassing, but when I was in sixth grade I cropped off one of my eyebrows really clase with scissors. Don’t ask me why. Honestly, it didn’t occur to me that anyone would notice. So for a few weeks (about three, I think) I looked really stupid with one normal eyebrow and one that was pretty much not there.

Incidentally, I met a man last semester who didn’t think that eyebrows ever grew pack, at least after plucking. He was really surprised when we insisted that plucking was not a one-time thing. Sometimes I’m amazed at what people can believe.

When my best friend was younger she had the great idea to shave off her eyebrows too. But being the smart girl she is, she hid her non-existant eyebrows from her parents…with two bandaids. Didn’t work long.

My old aunties were of the Lana Turner era. They shaved their brows and used eyebrow pencil to draw the thin brows that were the style. All three of them never grew their eyebrows back! I think this must be a family genetics thing because none of their friends had this problem.


In Britain the word ‘fringe’ is used for what we (on the West Coast anyway) call ‘bangs.’ So I go in to get a haircut and the hairdresser asks if I want my fringe cut. Where I’m from (West Coast again) ‘fringe’ refers to pubic hair. One sign on the window advertised biking-waxing so I figured that having the ‘fringe’ cut was even more gruesome. Wound up with a very odd haircut - short sides, bangs over my eyes. Finally figured it out…

I hate to be the prophet of doom but…

a friend of mine at university shaved his off (we think he was really bored) – it took almost nine months before they were back to normal

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