An hour and a half left before he dies, and we live

It’s about thirty minutes after 5:00 AM, and I know for certain that when I check this thread again at 7:10 AM, Timothy McVeigh will be dead.

Regardless of who he is and what he’s done, there’s something unnatural about this level of certainty. We know that everyone will die sooner or later, but not when. Some people we know will die within a relatively short time frame, but not the precise moment. And of course, you can say that within a certain period–say, ten minutes–it’s reasonably assured that someone, somewhere will die. Only now, with a scheduled execution beyond all appeal, do all those variables become known.

Here I am sitting at home looking at my watch, knowing exactly who, exactly when, and exactly how another person will die. I share nothing with him except the number of seconds between now and 7:00 AM, as I sit in my living room and he sits in his cell. After 7:00 AM, he and I will share that no longer. I’ll be breathing air he no longer breathes, seeing light he no longer sees, hearing sounds he no longer hears.

All of us share that number of seconds with Timothy McVeigh, until his seconds are yielded up at a prearranged time and place. Then all of us will be bound again by the common breath and pumping blood that he has no longer. One gains some glimmering of understanding why sacrifices have been performed in every society, in every civilization we know of.

Tick, tick, tick.


I must have missed something. I thought he was issued a stay of execution on account of the FBI not releasing some documents to his lawyers during the trial.


I don’t see what’s so unnatural about it.


Well I dunno. Depending on the method of execution the time it takes to die can vary a bit can’t it?


And the world will just keep on going.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.


I suspect he’s off on a philosophical tangent …some angle on ‘The Meaning of Life’…rather than a reflection of anything to do directly with McVeigh. If that’s the case, I give it about a 1/1,000,000 chance of not being hijacked.

MGibson, there was one stay issued, which is why his execution is today and not when it was originally scheduled. His laywers asked for another but it was denied and that was that.

I understand what you’re saying, Zarathustra. It seems weird and unusual to know the exact time that a young healthy man will die.

I don’t like Timothy McVeigh any more than the next person, but I’m uncomfortable with the idea of man ruling that another human life should be taken. After all, man taking life is what started this mess. I’m also uncomfortable with the notion that this is justice for the relatives - the ones I’ve seen on TV seem to think that this will help them move on with their lives, but I wonder if they’ve forgotten that once Timothy McVeigh is dead, their loved ones won’t be coming back? I hope this does finally give them the closure they need.

I know exactly how you feel.

It’s 04:43 here on the left coast. Eighteen minutes until the “procedure” starts. The news said that by 05:10 he’ll be dead.


I’m here in Korea, where the news from the US is delayed by a bit… any news?

BTW: is it just me, or it is weird that we’re all waiting for someone to die…

From Unforgiven:

From The Apology:

Zara, we simulposted… any news?

Nothing on CNN yet… 05:23

Word came at 22 minutes past the hour that Timothy McVeigh is dead.

Timothy McVeigh is dead!

“He was pronounced dead at seven-fourteen Central Daylight time.”

“Inmate McVeigh did not make a final statement.”

“Inmate McVeigh was calm throughout the entire process. He was cooperative…”


He died with his eyes open.

His final statement was Invictus by William Ernest Henley:

Astro, yes, it is weird, but no more than when he felt satisfaction at killing all those people.

Goodbye, Tim. Unfortunately, I will remember you. I hope you like it in Hell.

And he got what he wanted. Fame, and death by Government.

Fox news says that he’s gonna be cremated and his ashes scattered at a secret site. At least there will be no memorial to the bastard.

And now he is dead. And I don’t feel any better. I was not affected by the bombing. I lost no loved ones. I understand the pain he caused. Perhaps his death will give some comfort to his victims who lived and the survivors of his victims who died.

I’ve said that I used to be in favour of capital punishment, and that over the years I have become ambivalent and that I lean toward opposing it. Clearly, if anyone deserved to be executed it was McVeigh. Some people “need killing”.

But I can’t help feeling some shame at living in a country that executes people.

From CNN

Just a warm-hearted softy…

Killed 168, injured hundreds more, wounded a city, but “hey, nothing personal!”

What CRAP!!! Self-deceiving to the very end.

So he’s gone… good riddance.

I don’t feel any better, though. I thought I would.