An interesting bumper sticker....

I was driving down the freeway, when, IIRC a ford taurus casually passed me up at a non-alarming velocity. Given it’s relative andante pace, I had a considerable amount of time to scrutinize the vehicle. I noticed on the bumper, two stickers, but for the sake of this post, I will name one. This is because if they only had this ONE bumper sticker, everyone who saw it would be confused so much that they would immediately swerve off of the road and into a cow. I will now state the message of the bumper sticker…

“some choices are wrong.”

Immediately, I was struck in such awe and wonder, that I immediately pulled my horseless carriage over and held my brain in bewilderment… my synapses could not bear the overload. However, due to the second bumper sticker, I was able to decipher what it meant… 10 points to whoever can guess what this one is about!

Jelly-filled ALWAYS trumps powdered?

I assume it’s anti-abortion or anti-homosexuality, the idea being that you shouldn’t be allowed to make “lifestyle choices” (to use the original vernacular) because if you’re OK with them they might mean that others made the wrong decision.


Out of curiosity, is this one of those questions where the answer is obvious but being strung out and the person who guesses will be derided for not catching onto that?

BigNik, you win 10 points! it was anti-abortion. However, tortuga did come up with a very plausible answer, but I choose powdered :slight_smile:

Any other ideas?

First I was for the abortion / right to life debate

but on 2nd thought, I remembered on for political reasons and one also for the Ford / Chevy thing.

Other than those, I’m a blank sticker.

And no, this isn’t supposed to be strung out in any form (or meaning)… However, I think it has turned into an opportunity to say WHICH choices are wrong

Was the second bumper sticker any one of these ?

My favorites:

-“Only BIG BABIES are Pro-Choice”

-“If Mary was Pro-choice there would be no Christmas!”

-“I’m the Christian the devil & liberal media Warned you about”

you know something? I think about this abortion thing a lot, and I think it’s kinda screwy that roe vs. wade was won on contingency of a clause of the constitution that DOESN’T EXIST. If someone could perhaps furhter explain this, I’d very much appreciate it.