An Obama / Mockingbird analogy from this gushy honeymoon period

I was trying to articulate how I felt about Obama winning and came up with:

“It feels like Obama was both Atticus Finch AND Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird - and won the case”

Just goofy or does anyone else get this?

And lordy, how can anyone actually lead an Atticus Finch life at that level over any length of time in the world today? That’s a tall pedestal I have erected in my brain…

ETA: “honeymoom”?! I gotta get that thread title edited…

I can see your wisdom in the quote - however, could Obama simply be a black Atticus Finch who wins the case?

Or maybe he’s a black Edmond Dantes…no - he doesn’t appear vengeful.

I include Tom Robinson because of how, I suppose, the conventional wisdom was that blacks have been painted into a no-win corner no one should have to withstand - and Obama’s election is a massive data point showing how that is changing. It isn’t over - you know, wake up Wednesday and racism is done - but it shows movement. That Tom would’ve appreciated and Atticus fought for…

Oh yes, I agree! It does cast an interestng shadow on To Kill a Mockingbird, had we had a black president when I first read the book in grade school, I wonder how I would have felt then?