An observation

I truly don’t care about my post count - I’ve lost almost 1000 to board maintenance and the recent hiatus, and I’m not really sure still being over 5000 says anything positive about me. That being said, I just noticed something that may be of interest to our data base artistes, of whom I know we have a few.

I made a post tonight that timed out when posted. I knew better than to try again, experience telling me that it might show up in 10 to 20 minutes. Sure enough, it did.

So the post is there, on the thread in question, which a refreshed GQ page shows as having two replies, while mine is the third. And the notable item here is that it did not reflect its presence in my post count.

Perhaps in an hour or so? We’ll see.

Yep. Thread data is updated before user data.

Without having access to the source code of the application, I can’t tell you if your post count will get updated later or not at all.