An Odaiba Gundam Wedding, in Japan

Photos here. The lucky couple was selected from among 500 entries.

Gundam is a robot in Japanese anime. And they have a giant Gundam on Odaiba Island in Tokyo that they recently put up. So, yeah, why not have a wedding there? :smiley:

I’ve never been a Gundam fan but that is really cool.

I’d seen pictures of the robot, but these are better with it lit up at night! Cool!

I’m just relieved that Gundam didn’t malfunction and stomp the happy couple into chunky salsa.

That poor groom and his hideous, embarrassing outfit.

Was that baby the bride was holding the couple’s? I thought babies born before the wedding were a rarity in Japan.

Holy fuck is that a big robot!

I think it’s an act good luck/fertilty to have the bride hold a someone else’s baby for a moment. Consider it like the “something old/something new” the bride usually carries in a western ceremony.

It says right at the top of the photos link that it’s the couple’s daughter.

Compared to 99% of cosplay, I’d say he looks pretty decent.

And really, if you’re going to go for the nerdgasm on your wedding day, you may as well truly go for the nerdgasm.