I need to get married somewhere out of the ordinary.

I met my soul mate about 6 months ago and we are ready to get hitched.
Didn’t meet on the dope however. :rolleyes:

We both are nerdy, MontyPythonesque, middle aged, geeks.

It is my second marriage and her third, we are both sure it will be our last as we are perfect for each other.

We are looking for a; memorable, funny, weird, different; place, time, method to get married.

We are not religious in any way.

We have no interest in scuba or sky diving or running with large male bovine.

Thoughts that had come up are.
Married by Elvis in Las Vegas, on Halloween in costume (it is on a weekday this year) , on a small cruise ship by the captain.
At a Bed and Breakfast.

We will have a reception / party later for everyone so the marriage ceremony need only be attended by us and the marriager person.

Any cool ideas??

Isn’t there someplace in Seattle you could do this? Like on that big ferry boat, or at the Space Needle?

Why travel all the way down to Vegas?

On a Dragon Boat.

Get 18 people (the steerer will likely be the coach) and paddle out to some island/park somewhere with them, where your bride and officiant are waiting. If you want, you can sit in the drummer’s seat and yell at your guests! Get out, get married, and paddle back to the docks with your bride in the drummer’s seat ( don’t want to ruin the dress) and make your way to a restaurant to party it up.

It isn’t that difficult to do, even for people who aren’t very fit, and it is a lot of fun. Even the racing boats are quite pretty. You could keep an Asian theme going throughout the day if you wanted.

Yes, both of these came up as possibilities. Many people get married at the restaurant at the top of the Space needle, and the Victoria Clipper to Victoria BC ranks high in the possibilities.

As for the trip to Vegas, just for fun and honeymoon.

How about getting married at the Woodland Park Zoo?


Mazel Tov, by the way!

You know that big dome at the aquarium with all the fish swimming all around you and overhead? That would be a cool spot. I got married in Seattle in 2000, and checked into that as a possibility. (We wound up having our reception at the Science Center, which was really cool.)

Or get married on the pier at Ivar’s and throw fries to the seagulls instead of rice. Hee hee.

Or at the foot of the troll at Fremont Bridge?

Gasworks Park?

The Sound Garden?

At the Treasure Island hotel in Vegas you can get married on their pirate ship! I think the minister even dresses in pirate garb.

you’re in seattle? isnt there a big famous fish market in seattle?

you could get married there - you could get some of those really big fish and dress them up in tuxedos, and then much hilarity could insue when the marriager person gets confused: wait, who is the groom? him?? then who is this fish in a tuxedo???

and it would be really pretty, they could throw fish scales at you instead of rice, which would probably be very ethereal and sparkly once you get past the ‘ew! scaley!’ factor.

and i bet if you did get married there, somebody would probably spot you a free mackeral or something - first dinner together as a couple? taken care of!

Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but cruise ship captains can’t perform marriages, we checked.

We got married at the Bellagio in LV. It was great.

How about at the Troll under the bridge?

You could have gone to Glamorama in Fremont, but I think they closed. A friend of mine got married there. It was a used clothing store. They had an upside down wedding cake on the ceiling, and all of the employees were ordained on line.

Sound Garden is closed to the public now. :frowning: It’s in the NOAA compound.

I think a pirate theme would be fun; I almost posted earlier to mention the Seafair Pirate Ship mid-parade, but reconsidered, as it’d probably be a bit too rowdy (assuming the Pirates would even go for it).

Pike Place is the fish market you’re thinking of, yams!!; it’s usually pretty crowded though. I can’t think where you’d be able to set up there, except maybe at the park with the totem pole. Unless you could seat the minister on Rachel (the bronze pig), bride & groom facing each other across her head; people are usually pretty good about clearing space around her when folks are taking pics at least.

Beadalin has some great ideas, I’m thinking Fremont Troll on Halloween, in costume…

On preview; picunurse, Sound Garden is still open to the public, during NOAA business hours. :slight_smile: There’s a guard booth at the back gate by the off-leash dog area, or you can walk in the front gate after a quick security check.

You could say your vows in midair, paragliding in tandem off of Poo Poo Point (Issaquah).

Many cool Ideas. I will look into the zoo, the Troll and Glamorama.

I have seen many weddings at Gasworks park.

Pike place is WAY too crowded and busy at all times while they are open and infested with homeless when they are not.

Not Para gliding, she gets vertigo on high step stools and I like to be within a tall ladder length of solid ground now, although I did paragliding years ago.

I also thought of Alki Beach at night by a bonfire.
Bellevue Botanical Gardens at night during the holiday season with the lights.

Sound Garden seems down for the count at least for marriaging.

Thanks all, keep 'em coming.


I performed the marriage of two friends of mine who are heavily into Halloween. The ceremony was done on Halloween, at sunset, in a freakin cemetery. The bride and groom arrived in a hearse, in full costume (as were all in attendance). I was a vampire. The reception got a little wild. :smiley:

If money isn’t an issue (though for most people it is), I’d suggest Doune Castle, as an homage to your Pythonesquity.

Other than that, I got nuthin’

Oh! OH! the Japanese garden at the Washington Park Arboretum.
Words on the Interweb, when were you there last?
Last time I was there, there was a sign on the gate from the off leash area, that said it was closed, indefinately for security reasons.
I haven’t been for a couple months, so it could have changed.

Hmm, it’s been probably a year and a half since I was out there, but the Seattle Parks & Rec Department still lists hours when the Soundgarden is open (link), and NOAA’s site implies visitors are still welcome. The back gate is open very limited hours (11:30a-1:30p weekdays); it’s possible they just have an old sign they put up outside business hours. You could also try at the NOAA front gate, you’d have to park on Sand Point Way and walk in, but it isn’t much farther than parking at Magnuson Park (just not as nice of a walk, since it’s by office buildings instead of the lake).

Check MacGyverInSeattle’s link in post #12

I saw the link, but the date on the article is April, 2003. :slight_smile: I’ve been to the Soundgarden since then, several times; as far as I’m aware, the hours listed on the Seattle Park & Rec Dept site are still accurate - I guess the best way to know for sure would be to put in a phone call to NOAA.

The Python way to do it would be to choose the most inappropriate setting possible - an abbatoir, an operating theatre, a sinking ship, Basra.

I realise those aren’t the most practical suggestions…

You could do the monster LV hilton Star Trek Wedding Scroll down to the bottom for the big packages…uniformed charachters present, receptions at quarks bar, the works.

I have been on the bridge area where they hold them…its a beautiful setup.