An Oddity--Darth Maul/Web blockers

During my lunch break at work, I was scanning Wookiepedia, the Star Wars Wiki.

I tried to open the Darth Maul page…and the system’s blocking software wouldn’t permit it.

How odd.

It never blocked anything on Wookiepedia before.

Checking the page at home, I am baffled. I can’t grasp why.

Clearly the ad-block software was written by a D&D player who hates the stupid ‘double weapons,’ and is trying to erase them from cultural awareness. Check if Galtar and he Golden Lance is blocked.

I have nothing actually helpful to contribute . . . unless all the ‘red hot double-ended lightsaber action’ jokes were parsed into a different type of double-ended action. That seems unlikely. But amusing if true.

The double flail is just stupid, but the double sword is stupid AND OVERPOWERED. It’s like you’re being bribed to be a twink. At least it’s better than the pointy shovel . . .