An oddly (for me) appealing Jude Law

I realize many women do find him attractive, but Jude’s always had a sort of asshole vibe about him, and post-screwing-over-Sadie-Frost-for Sienna-Miller-and-then-rightfully-if-rather-repetitiously-screwing-Sienna-over-for-his-nanny, I thought “Yep, I pegged that one: What a twunt!” I have been able to see him in any variety of poses and roles and remember that this guy’s An Ass.

Still, last night I finally watched my girly-nail-painting flick of the week, The Holiday, and I have to say, his performance as an insecure, emotionally available single father got to me. The whole movie was stilted, the performances awful (note to self: smack my sister next time for recommending it) and overblown, but for some reason, when he tears up at the end and she sees him… I almost cried myself, damn it. :smack:

Maybe Mr. Law needs to hie himself to the nearest romantic comedy, stat, for an image makeover, or maybe I’m just a sucker for an emotionally available single father (hi honey). Is anyone with me on this? Comments? Mockery?

No mockery from me. Jude Law shows up in my dreams more often than Christopher Walken.

I’m disappointed in his personal choices, but I’m a hypocrite about it. It’s easy to forgive someone I like. Care to join my Anne Heche-Sharon Stone boycott? The bitches dumped two of my favorite people.

Who did Sharon Stone dump? I’m a big Ellen fan, but I feel pretty bad for that Coley Lafoon. He probably thought he had that bizness on lock.

I haven’t seen the movie in question but I thought Jude Law was intensely attractive until I watched “Closer”. Not only was Clive Owen like 300X more interesting and gorgeous than he was, I got so sick of his whiny, stupid character that it ruined me on him for life. So if you haven’t seen him in “Closer” yet and want to retain the attraction… don’t watch it (except for Clive, it’s not that great a flick anyways).

The only thing in The Holiday worth giving a damn about was Eli Wallach.

I dunno… an Anne Heche-Sharon Stone tussle would have a certain appeal. Especially if it was anything like the Anne Heche-Joan Chen scramble.

Dwight Yoakam. (I know, weird.) He had nothing but good things to say about her, but she called him a “dirt sandwich”.

I’ve never really understood the “Jude Law is gorgeous!” thing, either. (nor does Clive Owen do much of anything for me, ftr) But Jude is pretty appealing in eXistenZ, though.

I might actually watch it to get rid of this charisma aftertaste.