An Open Letter to the Writer of This Glurge (long)

Thank you.

And that link is mildly frightening.

Typical falsehood from the gullible.

  • ::: sigh ::: *

In a similar vein, i’ve always enjoyed the episode of South Park where Cartman gets an amusement park and Kyle gets a hemerroid, to “help” him understand his suffering, Kyle’s parents tell him the story of Job, about how God made a bet with the Devil that Job would praise him no matter what…

after they told him the story, the first words out of Kyle’s mouth were (going from memory here, so i’ll probably end up mangling the quote) “what a horrible thing to do to a person, and just to settle a bet with the Devil?, this “God” sounds like a thouroughly unpleasant person…”

If you’re so gung ho about fighting ignorance, why not stake your claim in the forum you linked, instead of preaching to the converted here in The Pit?

:dubious: Are you familar with what happens when you assume? I do in fact post over there, in the interest of fighting ignorance. Haven’t posted to that thread, but then they have so much ignorace to be fought, I just can’t get to everything.

No, but please tell me. I’m dying to know. :rolleyes:

Yet you manage to find the time to disinter this thread for the sole purpose of flaming me with sentence fragments and misspelled words (???)

If you are fighting ignorance in your rapturous NG, it sounds like you have a lot of work to do, so chop chop:wally

What on earth is your investment in this thread?

You really don’t know? Not much of an “Odd Couple” fan then? When you assume you make an ass of u and me . Get it? Get it? It’s funny. Well, I think it’s funny but then am amused by shiny things :smiley: .

Well, no. I “disintered” this thread (although I don’t think three days quaifies it for moribund let alone buried) because I thought people who were interested in the OP might be interested in a sighting of this glurge in it’s natural habitate. And might be interested to know it was still out there.

I mentioned you (I would hardly call it a flame) because, yes, I thought your dismissal of Pythian’s rather thoughtful deconstruction was not warrented. Particualr the aside about algebra class (oh, right, being up to date on one’s glurge is certainly a sign of maturity :rolleyes: ). Nonetheless it’s not always all about you :slight_smile: .

“U” make an ass of “U” and me. Ass-u-me, get it?

“When you assume, you make an ass out of Uma Thurmond.” David Letterman

:smack: :smack: Rats. I didn’t realize I was restarting a two-years dead thread. Sorry.

Huh. I’m an atheist because people assign to much power to a mythical god. But after reading this, I am going to have to change my mind. I’m an atheist because I’m way more powerful than god!!! BWAAAHHAAAAAAAHHAA!

“When you assume, you’re a jackass.”- Stephen Colbert

What I find funny is that rates of murder and other crimes have been going down consistently, the number of abortions are down (I think), Jim Crow laws have been abolished, etc. Maybe that’s an argument Madilyn Murray O’Hair was right.

Zombie thread closed.