An over-inflated sense of self-importance.

Just…I mean, damn. You’re both popular posters and stuff, and I’m sure you get invited to the best parties and all of the cool people write your names in their slam books, but you’re REALLY not that goddamned interesting.

AR: On the i-net, I can find pictures of people shitting into each others’ mouths. I can buy used tampons. (I mean, you know, if I wanted to…) Do you REALLY think anyone would be THAT shocked or surprised at anything you wrote in an online journal…especially considering how little your posts have already left to the imagination?

hardygrrl: In this thread two people referenced your post, which was the fourth one in the thread and therefore easily the first one with ANYTHING other than an embellished “yes” or “no”. It did not automatically make you the board expert on anal sex (although you and AR seem as though your would be happy to take anyone who asked on a world tour - on your mattress). It just made you the first one to post clinically in that thread.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with peoples’ sexuality, or their expression of the same. But, damn, y’all are both already so impressed with yourselves, I’m amazed that there’s room for anyone else.

If you crave readership and attention that much, open an MPSIMS thread and make the OP nothing but a link to the things you’re written that we should all be awed/educated/rendered breathlessly sweaty over. If you’re going to wear your ego out in the open for everyone to see, be fucking blatant about it. You both post like you’re waiting for people to say, “Oh, you’re so open-minded and fascinating!!!” But believe me…in context, neither of you is a trend-setter.

(Oh, and since I linked hardygrrl’s ego, I’ll go ahead and link Arden Ranger’s as well.)

You know, one could set a clock by the regularity with which Hama posts such a thread in the pit. I kind of visualise her as an empty bottle filling with a purple fluid that represents her levels of annoyance at the egos of other posters. Then it reaches the top of the bottle and bam!

I like you Hama. Please don’t stop. It’s fun.


(you do know that you’re going to get the usual slams that go back and forth and draw this into a three page thread-about-nothing don’t you? “If you don’t like it don’t read it” “I call 'em as I see 'em” “Leave them alone!” “I got the RIGHT” “yeah but you don’t have to use it” etc etc ad nauseum. Still, each to their own.)

Don’t mind me. I’ll just be sitting in the corner, smiling gently at the sheer irony of someone starting a thread in the Pit to tell others that they’re full of themselves - based on one sentence per poster.

Happy to entertain you. I live to serve.

You know…that may not be wholly inaccurate.

You know…I have no problem with ego. I have ego. I am the vainest person with low self-esteem I know…and I’m not trying to joke. I love it when people read things I’ve said and respond at all - it means I’ve made an impact and feeds my ego. See? I know that anyone posting to this thread feeds my ego. I’ll say it: MY EGO IS BEING FED! That’s not why I STARTED the thread - or any thread - but I’ll cheerfully admit a certain rush when I see my name mentioned by someone else.

It’s the self-referential sotto-voce ego-feeding that kills me. The hyphens kill me too, but they kill me with kindness - how can I refuse their insidious appeal?

I do so admire those who truly know themselves.

And I don’t want to get in too deep here lest I too be forced to face aspects of myself that I don’t want to admit to.



Excuse the hell out of us. Heaven forbid we should offend you.

Very nice.

And I thought I finally had myself a Pit thread. Fuck.

Hamadryad, I don’t get it. I read both those threads, and honestly didn’t see their posts as ego-feeding. :confused:

Was it just those threads, or is there some board history that I’m not getting? For what it’s worth, I posted in your MPSIMS thread … :slight_smile:

Hamadryad, what is your problem? First you ran SexyWriter out of town on a rail and now you’re attacking two other posters for posts that are completely non-offensive and non-confrontational. You had to go back over a month to find something of hardygrrl’s to attack. What, you’ve been saving up for this lame rant?

Are you worried that there might be female posters who are more popular than you are? Trust me, keep this up and there are going to be 14 year old trolls that are more popular than you are.

Agh…you have cut me to the quick. You hit the nail on the head. You are totally, completely right. I ache for more popularity and the only way I think I can get it is to run down people who are obviously more beautiful, intelligent, witty and charming than myself.

And the 14-year-old trolls thing…oh, how could you so surgically slice to the root of it like that? I stand in awe at your amazing ability to look into my very soul and pinpoint the one thing that stands between me and the popularity I so desperately crave and deserve.

I bow down in awe. Your amazing innate ability to see into my very soul and wrest from therein my innermost terrors and fears…it leaves me a hollow shell, withering on the floor under the blazing fire that is your righteous indignation.

I have been felled. Throw me in the fire. Thou hast bested me in this battle of wits and I humbly beg that you make the killing blow swift and sure.

[sub]hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee[/sub]

SexyWriter’s gone?!? Awwwww…I’ve gotta admire anyone who can argue Scylla to a standstill.


First off let me state the blindingly obvious-if you don’t like it don’t read it.

Second-of you’re going to quote me,di it correctly. The exact quote ends with a smilie-as in haha,I"M KIDDING.

Third-Why just pick on me and AR? Why not attack some of the male Dopers as well? There are some guys here-we all know who-who flirt heavily in every thread or make references to their abilities,so to speak…is that ok?

Fourth-While you were doing your search you skipped threads/posts where I admitted insecurities or problems I’m having with MY love life-was that selective reading on your part? Didn’t fit your case so didn’t register,huh?
Yes,I flirt on this board. BFD. I try to contain it in threads about flirting. And if you read my sig, you will see that I do have someone in my life I care deeply about. He’s aware on my activity here and does not judge me so why should you?
PS…Go to the doctor,please, and get that bug pulled out of your ass. Tell them ahead of time to use the long forceps because it sounds like it’s really lodged up there.

In the immortal words of my mom:


Hama, I mean WOW! The anal sex thread happened like…glaciers ago. It’s still bothering you?

And Arden Ranger, while being also being a fun little sexual powerhouse, is one of the more brilliant, clever and kind posters I’ve met on these boards along with being a good, hardworking mother. (I’d like to know hardygrrl better, but I don’t so I can only speak to your comments about Arden)

Arden never said that we’d be shocked or surprised. She asked us to wrap our minds around what she wrote. I’d be shocked and surprised if what she wrote wasn’t insightful, funny, sexy and smart.

Just my opinion.

And before you go off on me. Yes I know, I’m a flirter as well. WHEN IT’S APPROPRIATE. Somedays the hormones just dictate my behavior.

From what I’ve seen, neither of these ladies have subjected us to their dripping wet hot hot all anal libidos in Great Debates lately so do us all a favor and ease up.


My cynical side’s first thought was “huh. Cattiness about other women flirting. That’s new.” I must admit, it was also the second and third thoughts.

My slightly-less cynical side, once it could get a thought in edgewise, sees somewhat clumsy but nonetheless sincere attempts at humor on all sides, and all sides missing same. (It also pointed out that perhaps I’m misreading gender, whereupon my cynical side shrugged and grumbled and wandered on to something else.)

That said, flirty threads cause mild annoyance in me. So I tend to avoid them. Works pretty well.

Selective reading…it’s not just for breakfast anymore.

Hama-- I just had to add something. I have a challenge for you.

I’m oh so sorry if me and AR’s posts offend your elegant sensibilities so much. I guess the posts I’ve had about movies,music,books,even when I talked about my family and friends or helped other Dopers with issues would REALLY piss you off.

Again, I flirt. Big fucking deal.But that’s not all I do and to imply so makes you look stupid and petty.
BTW-does the fact we get responses make you crazy? Good.
You don’t know me at all and therfore have NO right to judge me.

Go get laid,please.

In MHO, this isn’t about flirting.

This is about Hama completely and totally overreacting. What is up with that? Two people make offhand jokey comments and you start a pit thread? That’s fucked.

OK, I admit it. I’m confused.

just reread the penultimate line in that list, Manny and you’ll have your answer.

I had a friend who was so excited and proud to be a bitch. She delighted in telling everyone how she treated people badly and had little regard for their feelings.


that was in highschool.


Come on now.