An uplifting story: wedding reception hosted at a soup kitchen

Want to make your wedding more meaningful? We hosted a reception at a soup kitchen

An orthodox Jewish couple held their reception an a kosher soup kitchen. A good time was had by all. :slight_smile:

What a lovely thing. :slight_smile:

That was a wonderful story!

When my son went to Day School he and his friends would volunteer every few weeks at a local Masbia in Brooklyn. It was nice to see how every patron was treated with respect and dignity. It was not run as a soup kitchen - as the article mentioned, it was really just like a regular restaurant. There were tablecloths, the food was nicely plated, and the customers were served at their tables.

When I set out the charities I give to each year, Masbia is usually the first one that gets sent a check. Always wish I had more to give!

Thanks for these comments. The sound of crickets was getting to me after 250+ views. I think Dopers like happy stories, but they don’t like to admit it publicly.

It’s a tad dusty in here. That is so sweet.