Anal about alarm clocks?

So you decide that you need to get up at 6:30 tomorrow. You press the appropriate buttons, the numbers whiz around, and the clock is now set for 6:31.

Do you:

a) Go all the way around again until it’s set for 6:30, or
b) Leave it.

I leave it. My wife will re-set it for 6:30.

If you have to wake at 6:30 (for example) and you wake up at 6:20, do you:

a) Try to sleep for ten more minutes, or
b) Get up.

Just curious.

A to both.

Sleep is vital!

  1. a - reset it to 6:30. Which is why we have an alarm clock which has a “reverse” button, letting you back up by the minute.

  2. b) sleep for every extra second I can get before the alarm clock.

kind of a weird dichotomy, I know.

Let it sit at 6:31 or 6:33 or whatever. Then again, I also wake up, hit the alarm and fall back into bed for 15min each morning before scurrying about late to get to work :wink:

I’m anal about alarm clocks in the sense that if I really, really have to be up in the morning, I’ll actually set a backup alarm clock. And then I’ll obsessively check each one to make sure it’s set for the right time, that the alarm is on, and that I haven’t screwed up the AM/PM settings on either the clock or the alarm.

And after all that, I’ll usually toss and turn all night and wake up before the alarm goes off.

Reset it to 6:30, going all the way around through the hours. I mean to get up at 6:30, dang it, not 6:31.
And I go ahead and get up - and I do typically wake before my alarm goes off, so that whole resetting it thing ends up being useless anyway.

B) and A). My alarm clock is currently set for 7:22. :slight_smile:

Question #1: A) Leave it.

Question #2: C) Ask myself, “Why the heck did my alarm go off 10 minutes early?” because, once I’m asleep, it takes dynamite to wake me back up. That, or a full bladder. While I’m lying there wondering why my alarm went off early, it will probably occur to me that if it went off early, the snooze button might be malfunctioning as well, so I should probably get up. And go to the bathroom.

A) I’m sad like that.

Try A. Fail. Move on to B.

This is one of the things I love about my Bose WaveRadioCD. You can set the time forwardws AND backwards so you dont have to go through the hour again. That plus the credit card sized remote with snooze means I can lie in bed till the last possible second!

Sorry. I could’ve made it clearer in the OP. My situation involves waking up by yourself, without the aid of an alarm clock. I didn’t mean that your alarm clock went off early.

Sometimes I leave it, sometimes I don’t. It depends what’s so important I am setting my alarm for. (for example school days: Leave it. Job interview: don’t leave it)

And I sleep for 10 more minutes, or try to. Usually I do just doze off again (actually even when I set alarms… which is why the alarm is now on the other side of the room) but some days I’m just awake.

I have a digital clock with BIG numbers on my nightstand, so I can see it without glasses. However, my alarm clock is a battery powered analog clock across the room. That’s so I have to stand up and walk to shut it off, and I’m nearly awake by the time I get there.

Now for the context. I’m retired, he chortled. If I don’t wanna get up when the beeping starts, I. don’t. have. to.

b, and a. In any case, while the alarm is set for 6.31, the actual time on it is 10 minutes early, and my phone alarm is set for a couple of minutes before or after tha alarm. The longer I have to drink coffee and shower before I have to leave the house, the better. It takes me a loooong time to wake up… normally by the time I’m on my second coffee, parts of my brain are beginning to kick in. If I wake up late and have to rush out of the house, my day goes really badly because I’ve missed out on vital waking-up time.

I haven’t used a standard alarm clock in ages. Lately it’s either been an electric timer plugged into the wall and attached to a bedside lamp, or a scheduling program on my computer that plays music at the specified wakeup time. The former has an analog control mechanism so that the first question really doesn’t apply, while the latter is trivially easy to reset, just by editing the appropriate configuration file.

In any case, I’ve recently been waking up before the alarm, often at such a ridiculously early hour as 4:00, so any anal alarm clock habits would fall under a different category than those mentioned in the OP. For example, I refuse to own an alarm clock that gives preferential treatment to one half of the day, that is, by including an LED indicator for post meridian but not for ante meridian, or vice versa. And even when I had a digital alarm clock that treated both halves of the day equally, I always preferred to set the display to 24-hour time, if that option were available.

I’ll 1) reset the clock, and 2) try to get the extra 10 minutes…and then proceed to hit the snooze button several times.

Also, my alarm clock is set 20 minutes fast. :slight_smile:

I’m anal retentive about a lot of things, not just my alarm clock…

Definitely try to sleep for ten more minutes. I deploy the snooze button liberally almost every morning.

I usually set my alarm clock to ‘odd’ times, meaning not on the 0 or the 5. I’ve spoken to a few other people who do this, so maybe it’s not as odd as I thought it was when I came up with it.

  1. Set it back to 6:30. The clock has to be set on a 0 or a 5. (So 7:00, 7:05, 7:50…whenever, is fine. 6:43 would NOT be fine.)

  2. When I set an alarm I ALWAYS wake up before it. It annoys me, but if I set one, I wake up anywhere from an hour to half an hour before it’s set to go, and there is no way on Earth I can get back to sleep. Ooooo, this is annoying. I don’t even sleep heavily, so there’s no reason for me to worry about not hearing the damn thing.

I wouldn’t set it for 6:30, I may set it for 6:30ish. So a few minnutes here or there won’t make a difference. As for snoose, the time I set it for will allow for a snoose if I desire, but won’t always do it.

If I’ve decided I need to get up around 6:30, I’ll set the clock for 5:30 (or perhaps 5:15), but it must be exactly that number, 5:31 (or 5:14) isn’t going to cut it.

Of course, this means I’ll actually get up at 6:24 or 6:33. But the alarm must be set to the right number.
And obviously, I go for the extra few precious minutes of sleep.