Anal Doctor warns: Do not use wet wipes. I have so many questions

Damned if I didn’t come across a topic that I have been thinking about for a few days: On FB someone posted a link to this article titled: “Why an Anal Surgeon Is Begging You To Stop Using Wet Wipes.”

Key points:

1, you wipe away good bacteria which causes problems
2, The wetness is a secondary, stand-alone issue
3, Environmental problems (for the sake of this post, we’ll not niggle on the environmental impact).

My confusion is:

1,How are we not wiping away good bacteria with toilet paper? There’s some modicum of moisture…down there…due to…what’s…going on, ya know? How is that different?


2, if moisture itself is a stand-alone issue, doesn’t this mean bidets are equally as bad?
I also wonder why it’s ok to use them on babies but not as adults.

Probably a silly topic, def. low brow, but it has me curious.

Interestingly, while looking for a link to the article, I found several saying that TP alone is NOT enough and we SHOULD be using wet wipes.

Additionally, here’s another that is basically saying the opposite of the first article.

What’s the straight dope on cleaning up after ourselves?

The article in the Daily Mail - which is itself a strong contender for a toilet paper alternative - cites the well-known and completely informed paragons of modern behaviour Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Smith and, but unfortunately no one who actually does anything medical.

Maybe we should find out what doctors, like House or that one in the Simpsons think.

I would suggest that as many humans have never used expensive and elaborate products to wipe their dates, then paper is probably fine for most people most of the time, and skid marks is the most tragic consequence that we face.

Which one? There’s a big gap between Dr Hibbert and Dr Nick.

So how many dates do you go on before you reach the level of intimacy required to wipe the other person’s ass?

Rule 34.

One term from the OP that stood out to me: “begging.” I notice on yahoo numerous articles turn up like that. “Doctors are begging people to…” …eat this, throw out this vegetable, whatever…

And there are others. Usually it’s a picture an attractive female athlete. “She didn’t know what people were looking at.” Or “The photographer just kept filming.”

And “So and so slams Trump (or Biden or whoever).” I think they have staff writers with limited title hook writing ability so a lot, like “slams,” gets re-used whether it’s warranted or not.

So I’m betting it’s click bait. Was the article trying to sell anything?

I think compared to TP, bidets were established to be the superior approach in a thread a few months ago. TP just doesn’t get us as clean.

Something I stumbled across: they sometimes “do do” poop transplants.

Doctor Marvin Monroe?

Does this mean you also shouldn’t wash your anal region when taking a shower?

Bidets: The silent killer.

You rang?
I would just like to say that a, a friend of mine has on occasion used Lysol wipes with no ill effects. Yes, a special occasion.

Lysol used to promoted as a douche. I saw a bottle of it in 1979 that still had that as one of the suggested uses.

Its not exactly a can of worms that is being opened up here.

I would certainly hope no worms are revealed in this manner!

You REALLY don’t want to know how it was administered to men with gonorrhea in the pre-antibiotic era.


Yes, I don’t know about you guys but I make sure I scrub all of the undercarriage nightly with soap.

How can a flushable wipe be worse than that?

It might not be so much using soap, or just wetting the “undercarriage”, as some of the fragrances and other substances on those wipes.

Baby wipes were very useful to me back in my menstruating days, that’s for sure.

My WAG is flushable wipes or soaps are probably fine, but the term “wet wipes” in general includes products that are alcohol based or explicitly antibacterial.
These might have too harsh an effect; removing all trace of life might have knock on consequences. And let’s face it, we only need a level of clean that leaves no trace to human eyes or noses, so why take the risk of overkill?

He only sees people when they have problems, which he then ascribes to wet wipes. He doesn’t see all the people who use wet wipes who don’t have a problem. Is he saying that everyone he sees who have issues are users of wet wipes? Or at a higher rate than the general population?

Do a search for “polished anus syndrome”. You’ll get a shi…er, load of information you probably did not want to really see.

Solid point. I am thinking and referring to “flushable wipes” as are sold commonly now. Not baby wipes or “wet ones” which are alcohol based.

Some mentioned Lysol wipes…I know Clorox wipes are hardcore serious and will clean paint off most anything…far better than even paint thinner.

But yes, I’m thinking of flushable adult wipes.