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What are the lyrics of White Zombie? I’ve never heard them, or of them (make any sense?)

This thread has gotten buried, so I’ll repeat:
What are the lyrics of White Zombie? I’ve never heard them, or of them (make any sense?)

White Zombie? Rod Zombie leads the GROUP, White Zombie. If there is such a SONG, I am not aware of it. Even being aware of it would not fit my resume, anyhoo. Rod’s band is of a heavy metal bent, and Rod (hizz badd seff)is a growler and a screamer, who relies more on rhythmic phrasing than what we musicologists call melody. In other words, this dreadlock-shrouded biker-dude swings his matted hair about, while flash pods electrify the ultrabadass sinister stage mayhem.
I will confess to liking him only because he has taken two of the genres I like least and mutilating them both to the point where I find myself applauding the timely death of both styles.
Strangely enough, if W. A. Mozart were alive today, he would probably BE Rod Zombie. Maybe the gods DO have a plan.


OK, so what’s so strange about White Zombie’s lyrics?

      • I noted recently that heavy metal and rap seem to be converging - heavy metal has more “spoken-word” style lyrics, and rap has more guitar thrashing. I don’t quite know what to make of this. I’m not fond of either, so I’m not too concerned but I wonder if I should be.
      • But that’s not why I posted. Anybody know of any sites that can search pop/rock song lyrics by a few words of the song? I had one some time ago, but my hard drive lost it somewhere. I have a few words of a song I like, but all I know is that the singer is female. - MC has a search engine & can give you the title but not the lyrics (NOT used to have all lyrics, but they got sued, now they claim to slowly be adding more songs. You might try there, or search in Altavista with what you know in quotes.

Obviously, Alanis was masturbating with an empty glass bottle. The bottle created a vacuum, and to get it out, holes had to be drilled.

Am I the only one who remembers this particular legend?

“Obviously”… what? How do you drill a hole in a glass bottle? Argh. I’ve heard some whoppers in my day, but that one is really stretching it.

I used to think that the refrain for “Blue Tail Fly” was: "Gimme that corn, and I con’t care; the Master’s throwing it away!

It’s Rob Zombie not Rod… he said picking nits…
OK, I got one. I’m really starting to get into Dream Theater… What does “Love in a space-dye vest” mean? I know what the song is about, but I just don’t understand that particular reference…

That Alanis post of mine refers to an urban ledgend I heard some time ago…

A woman was heard screaming in a mall bathroom. Someone came in to help and was surprised to find a woman mastrubating with a glass bottle. The bottle created a suction and the woman was unable to remove it because the suction was pulling on… well, nevermind that. But anyway, so the story goes, [a maintenence man/an EMS crew] was called in and drilled a hole in the bottom so that the suction was broken.

Of course I don’t believe it at all, but just because I don’t believe it doesn’t mean I can’t spread it. And nobody else has put forth anything more plausible…

I’ve never heard this urban legend…

It doesn’t really fly, though. Common sense dictates that the suction would have to be enormous to prevent simple removal from orifices and tissues unspoken and there’s no mechanism to generate any significant amount of ‘suction’ in this ‘configuration’.

I think that it would be hard to find a popular band and song which has deep lyrics. Generally if they are singing about an issue they will pretty much spell it out.
Of course it doesn’t help if the band in question is just out to have fun.

What’s the ugliest part of your body?
Some say your nose, some say your toes,
But I think it’s your Mind - Frank Zappa

I know this has been discussed on the SD before (so don’t spank me), but has Don McLean ever revealed the true meaning behind the lyrics of American Pie? I’ve heard many interpretations, but never from him directly.

I did read part of a recent interview where he stated that “American Pie” was not the name of the plane that was carrying Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper when they crashed. However, he never did say what it meant, at least in that particular interview.


He who walk through airport door sideways going to Bangkok. - Confucius

Perhaps this is referring to the new type of incense holder?

I’ve been seeing these lately - they’re a bottle (usually painted) with holes around the bottom & a clip that lays on top of the neck. You fasten a stick of incense in the clip, light it & drop the stick into the bottle. The holes are necessary for air flow - the incense won’t burn long if they’re not there.

Says the guy who has never met Di"squeak"ane.


He who walk through airport door sideways going to Bangkok. - Confucius

I have no clues as to the meaning of the lyrics of “American Pie,” but you may want to read McLean’s comments printed in “Return of the Straight Dope.”

Dave Barry wrote a book in which he said that it sounded as though the opening lyrics in the Beach Boys’song “Help Me, Rhonda” were:
“Well, since she put me down
There’s been owls pukin"in my bed.”
Barry said, “I hope those lyrics are wrong, because if they’re RIUGHT, the singer’s not going to get Rhonda to go anywhere NEAR him.”

Okay… lyrics, right. I’ve had this song in my head since I heard the beat in a Lee Press-On and the Nails song (they’re jump/swing… song is Mississippi Darling) and I haven’t been able to find anything about it. My first thought is that I don’t remember the song right. But can anyone help me find out what it is/origins/meanings, etc.

Here’s what I remember:

My grandma [or grandpa] and your grandma sitting by the fire
My granma and your grandma gonna set your soul on fire
Won’t you say hey now (hey now) hey now (hey now)
eye-co eye-co yon-kay
My grandma and your grandma

I figured this was a lyrics topic, right? :}