Ancient Apple II game, anyone remember this?

As a tutorial project, I’d like to re-implemet a vaguely-remembered old game from the Apple II era, but in order to do that I need to find out the name of the game and who owns the rights (if any) now. So I turn to the SD Old Computer Gamers here for help.

The game was set in a large (much-larger-than-the-screen) maze in space; the maze was made up of large colored blocks floating in space. Most of these would just bounce the ship/bullets, in later levels some would destroy the ship if you collided with them (and the blocks become more numerous and closer together).

The player flies a standard Asteroids-style spaceship with fuel consumption. Scattered about the level were seven or so “gems”, which you could pick up if you were moving slowly enough; I think you could carry two or three at a time, they dragged behind your ship. You also had a home base, which would refuel you and accept the gems, again as long as your speed was low enough.

The enemies were varied: standard asteroids-style UFO’s; a sort of multi-segment “caterpillar” that hugged the walls of the blocks (each segment had to be destroyed independently, if you “split” it, the two parts would head off in opposite directions along the wall); a spinning 4-pronged thing with a ball at the end of each prong (if you shot it, the balls would come of and break into smaller components with each shot), and I’m sure others I don’t remember.

I believe at the end of each level, you dropped into a sort of “Tempest”-like tube for a few seconds as a bonus round on your way to the next level. The location of the base, enemies, and gems were random each game, but the maze layout was not.

Any ideas? Google has failed me.

Sounds like Star Maze.

Yep, got it in one, thanks! Now all I need to do is find out who owns the decaying remains of Sir-Tech Software’s intellectual property.