Ancient New Jerseyans Discovered!

Cool story (edited down) from the AP:

BURLINGTON CITY, N.J. (AP) – Crews working on a new rail line have discovered human remains that may have belonged to some of the first Europeans in this Delaware River community. Archeologists have since been digging more carefully along Broad Street, and this week they discovered remains of six people in graves about 4 feet below the street. After the remains were measured and photographed, crews began repaving the street above them.

An archaeological analysis indicates the bones belonged to people of Northern European descent and date to the first part of the 17th century, Ingoglia said Thursday. The city of Burlington, located along the Delaware River between Philadelphia and Trenton, was founded by English settlers in 1677, but historians say Swedes arrived in the area about 40 years before that. “It’s an exceedingly fascinating story,” Haynes said. “Broad Street was laid out in 1683. There have been sewer lines, water lines, electrical lines and a railroad built. I could have never guessed there would be a burial ground in the middle of Broad Street.”

Wow, cool tale.
So it wasn’t quite clear…
Did they leave them in place? They’re still under the street?

Yep, there they remain, under the highway. There’s a LOT of dead folks under us, all the time, everywhere. Creepy, huh?

I have an ancient New Jerseyan living next door to me. I wouldn’t mind paving over her. :mad:

Let’s hope that a local Burlington City television station will choose to rebroadcast the movie Poltergeist soon. The people who live on Broad Street’s days are numbered.

Wait, I’m not happy with that last sentence. The days of the people who live on Broad Street are numbered? If you live on Broad Street, your days are numbered? People (living on Broad Street)'s days are numbered? If you live on Broad Street, your days are in short supply.

Isn’t Broad Street the street that Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is on? (That’s the kinda knowledge I get with repeated viewings of View Askew DVD’s.)

ESPECIALLY in New Jersey.

None of them looked like the bones of Jimmy Hoffa, did they?

Oh cripes,

I thought you were talking about this little finding on reading the title.

How wrong I was. :smiley:

I’m from Bergen County. What the hell do I know?

Broad the Street, slender the days.

…Slender the chances?

…Narrow the span?

…Red the boss