Ancient Stove Top

OK, so I’m getting hungry and I decide to pillage my kitchen for a meal substitute. I’ve been in Europe for the past 2 weeks and before leaving I decided to basically eat all my perishables. This basically left my fridge bare with the exception of a few choice condiments, and my cupboards empty except for some pasta, rice, and canned veggies.

Being a lazy male I haven’t been shopping yet, so I decide to start digging in an attempt to salvage something with flavor.

In my search I stumble across Stove Top! Tucked away deep in the darkest recesses of my cabinets, I find it. I think, “hey, its Thanksgiving, stuffing is perfect!”. I dig it out and prepare for a scrumptious treat.

As I’m looking for the required ingredients, I begin pondering what may have posessed me to purchase Stove Top. Baffled, I consider that I don’t ever recall buying Stove Top. I flip the canister and note the use by date which reads January 31 1999.

January 31st, 1999!!!

Now, when you consider this, remember that Stove Top has an amazing shelf life, and was therefore probably purchased in early 1998, or maybe even late 1997.

Now, since I probably bought this canister of Stove Top, I’ve likely lived in no less than 4 locations in not less than 3 cities. I’ve graduated college, and had 4 jobs in that span. Needless to say this is a well traveled canister of Stove Top.

So, this brings me to the point.

Question #1:
Anyone have a newer can of Stove Top? How far in the future is the use by date? I want to try and pinpoint the general timeframe of when I bought this.

Question #2:
Whats the oldest unopened portion of food in your cabinet?

A friend almost popped a couple Advil a few weeks ago, but I flipped the bottle over and saw that it expired in Jan. 2001. Nearest I can figure, it was the bottle I bought when I got to college. Nearly six years ago.

Out of the realm of food and drugs, a few years ago I found some Kodak photographic paper that expired in March 1941. I tried a couple of sheets and they still worked, I suppose because it had been in various cool basements for nearly 60 years. The prints were flat, though, that is, not much contrast, like a black-and-white TV picture tube ready to burn out. Still, it was sorta like finding Franklin’s undeveloped glass plates.

~~Don’t have a newer can or any other container of Stove Top…
Do have some green beans that are 4 years old…

I didn’t know Stove Top came in a can…

It’s usually my salad dressing in the fridge…I find bottles that are have expired a couple of years ago.

Anyone know if I would die if I ate this? I’ve always been curious…not curious enough to try, of course.

Well, it doesn’t really come in a “can”. It comes in two different packages that I’ve seen. The basic cardboard box, and the paper canister. The one I have is the canister, basically a cylindrical paper can sealed with foil at the top, and a plastic replacable cap on top of that.