And a big FUCK YOU to Miss Cleo. Good Bye!

Cleo is done… Best news that I have seen all week.

The good news.

  1. No more Miss Cleo
  2. She is giving back half a BILLION dollars.
  3. No more Miss Cleo

The bad news.

  1. She still keeps a half a BILLION dollars.
  2. She isn’t going to jail or worse.
  3. There was a BILLION dollars worth of gullibility? FUCK!
  4. It took this long.
  5. The only reason she is getting pinched is for shitty billing practices, not for being a total fraud.

Still, a major victory. NO MORE MISS CLEO!!!

Time to set our sites on:

  1. That total fuckstick John Edwards
  2. The Grade-A Ass Tampon, Sylvia Brown
  3. And walking talking rectum, James Van Praagh

Thank you, I feel much better now. for all your psychic needs.


Miss Cleo is a spokesmodel. Access Resource Services Inc. and Psychic Readers Network Inc are the entities who will pay.

Believe it or not, I am a card carrying member of JREF already… (I guess that really isn’t too far outside the realm of reasonable)

But thanks for pointing others to his site.

You are quite correct, but please don’t interfere with my jubilation over not seeing her smarmy ass on TV anymore.:smiley:

Did anyone else have to pick their jaw up off the floor after reading they made and kept HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in 3 years?

Holy shit!

Maybe this will get across the message that ALL psychics are frauds. I really hope that ass-canker Edwards goes down next.

Doubtful. First of all, John Edward’s fans seem quite resistant to rational argument or evidence. Second, the lawsuit only involves them being fraudlent as far as billing people goes. That’s a far cry from saying they were phony psychics.

Third, and saddest, American culture seems to have decided that ESP is a proven fact and there are real psychics. For many folks, the problem is that some psychics are frauds, and need to be weeded out of the real psychics. In fact, I (not a “psychic”) predict that many ‘psychics’ will declare this a victory because it got rid of a fraud who was making it bad for the ‘geniuine’ psychics.

Excellent news, but–you realize that we’re not done with her? No, she’s bound to turn up on future “1990s” nostalgia stuff. We can all look forward to having to explain to our grandchildren about Miss Cleo, the way we have to explain about Michael Jackson now.

Or that everyone should be a psychic, because its a hell of a racket.

Gold teeth and Bmw here I come!

Half a billion dollars???

This Coyote has himself a new profession.

God must love gullible fools; he created so many of them.

Legomancer, I agree completely.

DDG, you are probably right.

But, damn… Don’t be pissing on my parade already.

At least finish your posts with a good FUCK YOU Miss Cleo or something…

How about a hearty, “lick my asshole, you no good fraud bitch!”?

DDG, I know you can come up with something appropriate.

Um. Half a billion dollars, forced retirement, and no jail time? I was thinking justice would involve cattle prods, lye enemas, and Richard Simmons. And something tells me here miserable 15 minutes haven’t ended yet.

Ok, Scott, here goes:
Bwa-a-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a!!! Fuck you Miss Cleo. What happened to your powers, Beeyatch? Why couldn’t you predict that you were gonna LOSE?

You lying, cheating, fraudulent ho-bag. The court might not have said it explicitly, but the public can infer from this that you have no credibility IN ANYTHING YOU SAY. You are a CRIMINAL. You are a SWINDLER. You are a CON-ARTIST, and everybody knows it.
Take your remaining stolen swag and buy yourself a conscience.

How’s that?


I saw Miss Cleo on CNN Headline News the other day. They were showing video of her giving a press conference, but the studio anchor was talking over it. There was no audio from the press conference at all.

So, what I, and I’m sure millions of other CNN viewers were left wondering was, did she keep faking the accent?

Yes, Miss Cleo was annoying.

But I gotta say that if you’re dumb enough to call Miss Cleo, I can’t generate much sympathy for you being fleeced. C’mon, you at least have to make the con artists try!

It’s like those people who wear nice clothes. Don’t they know they’re just ASKING to be robbed? And when they are they’re all “Boo hoo! Someone took my money!” Yeah yeah cry me a river.

She had the phoniest West Indian/Jamaican accent I’ve ever heard. That’s the first thing I noticed about her.

I just wish the commercials would still run, even if they no longer advertise anything. Not only was Miss Cleo entertaining, so were the depictions of the trashy callers.