And Charlie! Light a match!

How does a match work to cover …er…bathroom smells? It is such a little thing, but it is so effective. Way more than those icky Potpourri sprays that just mingle and warp the stench into it’s own foul cloud.
It’s the sulphur, I assume… but HOW? Does it affect our noses or cover it or remove it all together? Anyone?

Burns out the stink gases I believe. Though not flammable due to it spreading out enough to not light up (hence why lighting a fart is possible- a small concentration of expelled gas can be lit much to the pain of you and the hilarity of others.) I believe it eats up the stank.

When you light a match, an enormous amount of gases are immedeatly released from the head. I you could confine them they would explode a small container quite easily (which is why match heads are a favored component of pipe bombs). Far more than just a couple of squirts from a spray can. Add in that we instinctively react more strongly, and therefore notice, “burning” odors over most others, and a match or two make a slightly better cover scent.

Although perhaps not as good as you might think…