And clean up is a snap!

My brother recently got out of the hospital following surgery to remove his prostate. Luckily, the surgeons were able to spare the nerves that allow for erections, so all appears well in that regard (he’s only 45 and was really concerned that his days of studliness were over). He had a vasectomy several years ago and that leads me to a question my SO asked the other night: What’s he got left? Ejaculate is made up largely of prostatic fluid and whatever the testes contribute, but without either of these (yes, I know he’s still got stones, its just that nothing is making it to the outside) is he not only going to be shooting blanks, but failing to shoot at all? My SO determined that Peter North would kill himself if his primary claim to faim was taken away from him. Hey, it was Cinco de Mayo and we’d had way too much tequila.

My WAG is that he can still have orgasms, just with nothing coming out.

Check with Google for particulars on post-prostate surgery. A vasectomy doesn’t prevent fluid from being emitted, it just prevents sperm from being included in the shipment, so the fact that he had one wouldn’t signify.