And I thought my in-laws were crazy

So far, my “favorite” is the one that starts with “I hope this does not cause you to be upset with me, but I am concerned that you are not taking care of my son the way you should be,” and goes on to tell the daughter-in-law that “she’s a wife now” so her caring about her job and only cooking a couple times a week isn’t going to work. It ends with “Now, no need to get cross with me please. I am your mother now too and I’m only trying to help.”
I’d stab her. In the eye.

Nice! That would drive me crazy.

What does that leave? Beans (do low carbers count fiber?)?

Read the one entitled Coolest MIL ever. That would be a great family to hang around.

Okay, this one made me laugh out loud:

Wonder if he could pay more than $20 if he cut an item or two from his list?

Together, they fight crime!

From March 21


This is awesome

“More of a reason to keep that hand sanitizer handy if you ask me.”

That one slew me.

I wonder if she is aware of the type of Jews that don’t celebrate Easter either?

Band name.

That one made my hands clench with righteous indignation – and I’m single and childless!

It’s a frickin train wreck. You just can’t look away!

I’m wondering how sheltered you have to be to not be aware that 1) guys like watching girl on girl porn and 2) couples like watching girl on girl porn.

Apparently, more sheltered than your brother and his wife.

If my sister found my wife’s lesbian porn (assuming I didn’t know about it) and told me, the first thing I’d have to do is find someone to high five.

Just from sheer cuteness, the MIL who wondered How does The Google know so many recipes for gumbo? made me LOL.

The lesbian porn one is the best (too perfect, really; I suspect fiction) but I also kind of like this one:

That’s like some kind of vast philosophical question… how does anyone know anything?

It needs to go on a T-shirt.

The last line is my favorite. :smiley:

I found this one hysterically funny:

My SIL once wrote that the problem with me is that “LB wants to be an intellectual.” If she were still speaking to my husband she could have written that one. Half the rest could have been written by my husband if my mom knew his email address.

This is the woman who is currently miffed because she sent me a stupid joke about lazy state workers – and I told her to shove it because my husband is a state worker. She also’s also annoyed because she’s sent me about five emails about healthy weight gain during pregnancy and I’ve sent her emails in turn about how grandparents visitation rights are quite limited in many circumstances. The baby’s measuring at about the 68th percentile for weight so far at 35 weeks. I emailed that fact to her. She emailed me back told me to make sure my daughter doesn’t get too fat.

The only good part about emails is that at least you have the batshit crazy, passive-aggressive, mean and just plain stupid in writing for posterity.

Am I the only one here whose eyes glazed over as soon as they saw darkish grey text on a blackground??

What sort of idiot does this kind of thing?

At least it’s readable if you zoom the text… {sigh}

Whatever issues I have with my in-laws (and Lord knows I have 'em), I feel grateful that she doesn’t tell me what to do (much).