And I thought my in-laws were crazy :eek:

On the right, they have a best post list, which has some pretty hilarious reads.

Wow, I love the one from the MIL listing the FIL’s “food preferences” when invited over for dinner:

Who *does *that?

Doesn’t leave much, does it?

That site is all kinds of awesome! Thanks for the link. Off to get some hand sanitizer.

I liked this one:

SIL and Daughter,
Have you heard about this thing called sexting? It’s all over the news. The man and the woman write each other perverted little messages using there phone and they may or may not masterbate to them. Definitely not a Catholic thing to do. With all of this funny business going on all of the time without even saying a word you never know if the person in line ahead of you at the Ralphs is having sexual relations while you are just trying to buy some Tylenol for your baby with fever.Just something to think about. More of a reason to keep that hand sanitizer handy if you ask me.

:: reads some of site ::
:: head explodes ::

Holy shit. I had to read the whole site. And, :eek: .

Thank Og the internet wasn’t around back when I had in-laws.

My future FIL. I once served shrimp with tails on and he didn’t know how to eat them. :smack:

She is an ovo/lacto vegatarian who loves grains and starches. He’s all about low carbs. Cooking for them can be rather…ummmm…would “challenging” be a good word? Just finding a resteraunt can take all afternoon.

Thankfully, my sweet baboo has spent enough time eating from chow halls that he thinks that anything home cooked is good. Plus, if I botch it up, all I have to do is serve it naked :smiley:

Better serve it naked when it’s good sometimes too, otherwise he’ll associate “bad food” with “nekkid girlie”

The all white memorial day is probably one of my sisters; right down to the scheduled bathroom breaks and dessert schedule.

The first one from March 23 is pretty sad. So these kids are going to be cousins, and they’ll have a name in common. That could be something that brings them together. Instead, they’ll probably have little to do with each other, just because at least one mom is a control freak with anger issues, and who knows about the other one. :frowning:

ETA: And yeah, the Memorial Day one. I can hear it in Cartman’s voice. “Thank you, Stan; you may have pie, cake and ice cream.”

This is just one reason why we kept rejecting the idea to get my FIL and MIL a computer as a group gift from their kids. shudder (They can definitely afford their own, but if we gave them a gift of one we’d be expected more than otherwise to be unpaid tech support since it wasn’t their idea to get.)

Oh my God, this is priceless:

Can I get a mop in here? The passive-aggressive martyrdom spilled just way the hell all over the floor.

Plus it just screams, “I scheduled the food before the picture-taking in all-white clothing because I know I’ll get to bitch about one of you for years to come about ruining My Awesome Moment.”

Oh, and the MIL who took the kids out of school early, and admitted she knew the parent would have said no if she’d asked first? I suspect she got taken off of the “people who may pick up my kids” list at the school, immediately.

OMG, this is the bestest website ever. Thank you!

The next time I see my inlaws I am going to thank them for not being insane. The more I read of this website the more I just want to send my mother in law a check or a pony or something for not being a nut.

Oh dear god. I may send my in-laws a nice note right now to thank them for being sane.

My favorite:

Some of these are…wow.

I’m so glad I married an orphan.

That should be a testimonal for the site: “So crazy, it makes me glad I married an orphan!”

I have no words. That couple will no longer be able to look each other in the eye when the sister-in-law is present, for fear of breaking out into hysterical laughter. That is awesome.