...And my dad's Bruce Lee...

This has me bawling my eyes out, and I don’t know why.

I figured it’d be MPSIMS, but it’s music / video, so I put it here to share with folks.

jumps up and down excitedly

I used to be in a band with these guys!

Only for a short bit (more than twenty minutes though) and it wasn’t an incarnation of Nizlopi (see also their website) but a muscial side project of the two lads.

I feel really happy that their music is taking off so much that I see it randomly pop up here and I also feel a tiny bit famous by reflected glory now. Spread the word, Matey!

That just made my day.

Thanks, Matey.

Pookah, was the work you did with them anything like this?

It resonates due to the feeling of the father / son relationship. It also brings to mind a lot of earlier Billy Bragg. Both good things, even for those of us who didn’t have much of the former.

Hope it is not completely against the rules to give this a tiny bump just to say that this single has been re-released for Christmas. They are even going for the Christmas Nr. 1 spot!

Now I’m not going to tell you to buy it as if you’ve heard it and didn’t it like then obviously you won’t. It is more for the benefit of people who are maybe not so much into chart radio who mightn’t have heard it. It really is a charming song, IMO, if you can stand a good helping of sweetness.

So check out the OP’s link. The nearest contender in the UK for the Christmas Nr. 1 is the as yet unrecorded single of the as yet unknown X-factor winner. Here in Ireland we have a turkey in duet with Chris the Burgh (Don’t ask, life’s hard.) in the running.

Nizlopi are the better option!

Thanks for listening.

I love the JCB song! It’s so nice and fuzzy. I actually bought the Nizlopi CD and was a tiny bit disappointed (a little poppier than I expected), but I really love that one song in particular.

I really didn’t get it: bad music, assinine lyrics. What gives?

Uhm… Some folks liked it? I was one. I don’t know if I have to explain that people have different taste in music to you, but… Uhm… Well, I think I just explained it. Sorry you didn’t like it.


You should go to monkeehub’s website too. More really great animation. He does one for Radiohead’s Creep that is just fascinating.

Funny. i was just thinking abut this song on Saturday. I meant to search the archives for the link. Now… eureeka!