And next in your imagination....

I was just reading a post on dreams and it brought back “memories” of my childhood monster. Mine was about a foot and half tall, and covered in fur. I’m not sure when it first came to me. But I know I “killed” it somewhere in 3rd grade, if you understand me. For some reason it seemed to want my toes, and I thought if it bit me I’d turn into one giant toe. This terrified me. Don’t you laugh! Well, too late. At this age, I’d like to believe myself when I say it isn’t real. But I saw some things. Like the day I “killed” it, I saw it in reality, I think, for the first time. It got sucked into the groud with a bunch of fire. Weird. Lastly, it talked to me in my thoughts.

Anyone else have a childhood monster? Feel free to share.

When I was in the second grade my school playground was constantly being invaded by an evil fairy named Bluebelle. But for some reason, she never followed me home. My best friend, however, had a ghost eagle that liked to fly around her bedroom at night. I was SO jealous!