Jeez if I have one more screwed up dream...

I dont know about you all, but I am plagued with really strange dreams on an almost nightly basis. As with a lot of people I dont remeber all of em (roughly half for me) but the ones I do remeber…well, they are bizare.
Take one I had just 2 weeks ago for example. Out of nowhere I appear in a field, quite similar to the yard at the lot where I grew up. Only there was no house. So here I am with 3 strangers, and one friend (Mike). We are all walking the perimiter of the lot (no other houses in sight) when a pool appears out of nowhere. I think we were waiting on the house to be delivered (!!!), so we might as well swim. Other odd things are hulla-hoops and such, which float around. Ok, so now things shift. I am walking away from the pool when my surroundings change to a hockey rink…in China. How the heck I connected those I have no clue. So now me and my friend are memebers of the Chinese hockey team. I dont even like hockey. I walk outside of the rink and the glass gets hit with a puck…nothing shatters but that was something I remebered. (and this happened before the young girl in Ohio was killed with the puck mind you). So after practice, we all go to sleep in the “chinese hockey dorm”, which was simply a Zero-G cramped cylinder where the members slid into holes via horizontal morgue tables in a “cold freeze” type setting. Ok. what the heck?
Other odd dreams I’ve had are a weiner dog chew toy which came in a bag (and was very much alive too) that had play blocks and balls in it. I’ve drempt frequently since I was a kid about a mirror of our house (my childhood house for 11 years) which nobody knew about. There was a little door to access hidden behind my parents bed. Inside was…well…a really “cobwebby”, creepy, mirror of our house. Oh I could go on, I might post some later though.
So everyone, what absolutely strange dreams have you had, and what is your best interpratation of it (and others that people post)? So lets hear 'em folks!

My most memorable dream was more of a nightmare. I was standing at the beach when a gigantic tsunami comes along. I turn & start running (obviously away from it). I woke up with my heart pounding. In retrospect, I think it was during a period of time when I was trying to get out of a bad relationship. I heard that dreams of water represent some conflict going on in your life. But this is not scientific or authoritative, of course. I think strange dreams on a nightly basis would exhaust me!

My dreams are weird, but not as weird as yours, ThatGuyWithPants. I usually forget them minutes after I’ve had them, but I do remember one particularly odd one from when I was very little:
There’s this very old, B-rate science fiction movie called The Triffids or something like that. It’s about trees from outer space that move around and eat people. I saw it, and it freaked me out. I dreamed that my dad was in this boxing ring set up on our porch with a triffid, while Elmo (of Sesame St. fame) sunned himself next to the pool. :confused: On a seperate occasion, I dreamed that I was being chased through an abandoned parking deck by multicolored, murderous dragonflies.

LOL Azure Eternity that is exactly what I’m talking about.

I might as well tell you all my worst nightmare i had as a kid. I laugh about it now, but when I was little (6 or so) it was horrifing.

I was sitting in the living room watching TV, and it was getting pretty late, which meant I had to take a bath. Mom told me to get up and take one, and barganed with me that she would run the bath water if I would feed the dog. I agreed to this reluctantly. I guess I diddnt like running the bath water for some reason. Now feeding the dog isnt that bad of a thing, but to a kid my age at the time, it was tramatic. Our dog Ginger was an outside dog (we lived in the country with very few neighbors few and far between) about twenty or thirty yards from our house. It was dark, cold and VERY creepy outside, so I really diddnt want to go feed the dog. The fact that it was scary wassnt the worst part. For some reason I decided to strip down naked so I could just get the bath over with when I got back. So I run outside as fast as I can, butt naked to feed the dog, and run back and get the bath over with. When I walk in, I see dad bent over the bathtub with a wrench attaching (get this) one of those checkout register price things to the “Hot” knob. This freaks me out really bad. Dad gets up and I look and see what had frightend me the most as a kid. On the edge of the bathtub were 3 barbies. They wernt normal barbies. They had these really weird glasses on! It freaked me out so bad, I woke up in a cold sweat, something I’ve never done since. How weird is that?

Okay, ThatGuyWithPants, I’ll take a shot at this. For your first dream, your mind is running through a stylised story of your life. You suddenly appear in a place where you spent your childhood, and while you’re waiting for “delivery” you find yourself floating in the pool (amniotic fluid.) The hula hoops are a pretty clear vagina reference, I think, representing the birthing process.

Cut to the hockey scene – you’re a young adult, at your strongest and fastest. Then, you die, and go to sleep in the morgue.

Birth, life, death.

That one with the toy weiner and the balls to play with is a little too Freudian for me.

i dreamed that i was running a hospice out of my house, and i had them on the couch in the living room, and in my room on my bed.

I had a not-too-weird dream the other night in which I dreamed that my high school gym teacher was conducting my annual performance review for work (I am coming up to my annual review, so this kinda makes sense).

One of my most shudder-inducing was the time when I dreamed that a large cockroach fell on my arm—I tried to pull it off but it was gradually being absorbed into my skin. Then it came out of my mouth as a gray blob of mucus, which made all my teeth fall out…I woke up with my hands in my mouth, trying to hold my teeth in!

My dreams always seem to be on the weird side. I’ve had dreams where I interact with TV characters, as if I’m a participant in a brand new episode from whatever series they’re from. The strangest of these was when I dreamed I was helping Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby solve a mystery. I also came up with what would have been a great X-Files episode in this manner. Mulder is contacted via the Lone Gunmen by an acquaintance from his academy days, who is based in a New Orleans office. The acquaintance was alone cleaning out some storage space when he found a false wall containing forgotten records from the progenitor of Mulder’s office; the purpose of these records was to document CSM’s involvement with the Bureau. Too bad Chris Carter wouldn’t have been interested in my idea unless I submitted it through the proper channels.

Other times I seem to flit from dream to dream, observing until I see something interesting then take the part of a person I’m observing. Sort of like “Quantum Leap” only I usually see beforehand who I’m going to be. Usually, these dreams would make for some good cinema.

My most memorable weird dream started with a hailstorm. Somehow this morphed into my participating in some fire department in a city populated by both flesh & blood people and animated people. I think I got one of Tim Burton’s dreams by mistake. :slight_smile:

Last night I was favoured with a “guest star.” I get them from time to time- just someone recognizable and at least borderline famous. Being involved in theatre and english can do some weird things to you (never drift off listening to Finnegans Wake. it’s not pleasant.)

Anyhow, last night, it was Samuel Beckett. Not really doing anything important. Just standing around, being rather quiet. Being rather…for lack of a better descriptor…Beckett. It was his face, anyway. We were sipping those funky tea-with-tapioca things (bobatea?) and staring each other down.

I was wearing turquoise and black tiger-striped plush.

I think I should be on medication. Or at least see a shrink.