And now we have the homegrown nuts coming out of the woodwork

Today, not three days after the tragic events in New York and Washington, some dipshits decided it would be a lot of fun to call in bomb threats to office buildings near where I work.

Naturally, this resulted in chaos, confusion, and panic in the area. As if people weren’t scared enough.

Well, my friends, enough is enough. I will not be scared by these anonymous chickenshit fuckers. And I will not allow my friends to be terrorized, not while I still draw breath. I actually hope that they do call where I work, if they’re gonna call anywhere, because I’ll call their bluff. I’ll sit there and wait to die. And I’ll tell you one thing: they had better be 100% serious, because should I still be alive I will hunt them down, no matter how long it takes. Nobody fucks with people I know and love. Nobody.

I will not be cowed by this bullshit. I will not run, panic, or bluster. I will find these people and teach them what real horror is. I swear it.

Then we’ll see whether they still think it’s funny or not.

-A very angry and determined Dave

Hey buddy, if you’re near Central Texas, you’ve got some backup if you want it. I’d take great pleasure in literally scaring the shit out of someone who thinks it’s funny to panic people.

Same for Houston.

I am VERY angry right now. My country was invaded by a bunch of people not brave enough to claim responsibility. A city that is vital to the well-being of this country was nearly destroyed and continues to crumble. The headquarters of the United States military was attacked. Thank God that section was nearly empty, but still, a couple hundred INNOCENT people lost their lives.

I can only hope that every resource this country and the NATO countries have will be brought to bear on those responsible.


I heard about this crap and it just astounded me that there were people in this country that wuold do something like that.

Some dumbass at one of the airports claimed he had “a device” in his suitcase and promptly got carted off by the cops. I hope he falls down the stairs. About 17 times.

Call me when you swing down my way.

Hell, I’m a wimp, but if I find someone who did this, I’ll seriously beat them, law or otherwise.

I have the tv on in the other room. As I was reading this Peter Jennings just said they had 90 bomb scares in NYC today(thurs).

Sick people. Lower than sick.

Schools were closed down here yesterday in one suburb(Midwest City / Del City) due to bomb threats.


Back when Columbine happened, a bomb threat was called in to either my highschool or one very close to it.

The only thing worse than the possible reality was that a lot of people started looking my way. Boy, was THAT ever not fun . . .

Hey, Dave, if you’re gonna do this on a weekend, lemme know and I’ll swing by and see how many of those fun moves I still remember.


How about the cunt who reported that she had gotten a cell call from someone trapped in a void with 9 other people? Someone could have gotten killed going beyond safety to reach these “survivors”. I sincerely hope they catch this evil troll and make her one with the Fresh Kills landfill.

BTW, am I the only person freaked out by that name (Fresh Kills)? I remember reading that the PETA wankers wanted Fishkill, NY to change their name…



I didn’t know people could be so sick and cruel.
Some people need to realize that it is NOT funny at all to scare the living shit out of people like they most definately did when they called in the bomb threats.

As to the dickshovel that called in those “survivors”? Those were LIVES you were toying with you ignorant humor-impaired 5 cent whore. Like Raven said, firefighters could have died trying to save that “trapped” bunch.

People like this make me sick. I hope they get stuck in a room with constant scratching of blackboards by long sharp fingernails (after they get their asses thoroughly whipped).

Oh, but that’s not all!

Have we heard about the websites which put fake names up?

The fake cellphone call lady?

Solidarity baby!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Although I’m sure the police and other authorities have other things to do, I can only hope these rectal chancres are caught. Then sentence them to go into the rubble and pull out bodies for a week straight, regardless of any safety concerns. Then we’ll see how fucking funny false alarms are.