And now we've given up

The part that really annoys me about the MAGA types is that, despite all their “Rah rah 'Murrica!” nonsense, they can’t seem to figure out that the US is, even when they admit all their flaws, still way better than a whole lot of other places in the world. I can tell you as a Canadian, I’ve always been glad that we’re sharing a continent with the US, rather than China or Russia.

Trying to make the US better shouldn’t be interpreted as thinking you think the US is complete shit.

Alas, with the way the US has been going the last decade or so, I have started to worry about what happens if and when they completely collapse, and pretty much all of the fault for that is on the MAGA types, as hard as that might be for them to believe.

Sure. But I do not think we’d have this new dangerous Delta varient killing so many covidiots if those covidiots hadn’t been propagandized into thinking the vaccine is bad.

Let us face it- Fox news, trump and conservative talk radio is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Some DA needs to charge someone with some sort of manslaughter or similar charges.

There are lots of things the GOP does that make sense, even if only in a evil way. Killing off your supporters with lies and propaganda does not. What do they gain?

I’ve thought about that, but the causation would be so difficult to establish. Maybe if you could tag somebody who actually attended one of trump’s rallies. The fact that they made folks sign a freakin’ waiver could be taken as indication that they (the rally holders) knew the degree of risk they were courting. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that I may be able to sign a waiver waiving my right to sue but I don’t know if that waiver covers the rights of my survivors if I die.

I think, like a lot of CT issues, it’s an issue that took on a life of it’s own, combined with the general human (not exclusively Republican) desire to deny one’s own erros. Trump denied COVID concerns early on, and that lead a wide swath of people and politicians to decry it and the measures to combat it. When Trump and others later said to mask or vaccinate, they all did it with a fraction of the fervor they denied it. And at this point, some of them have to double down or look ‘weak’ to their bases.

Their calculus probably shows they’ll lose more votes by alienating the CT/Refuseniks/Anti-Vaxx groups than they will through COVID based deaths and defections - after all, a lot of that base will vote Republican on their own wedge issues whether or not the rest of the agenda is beneficial for them.

I think you’re giving them a lot more credit for thinking long range than is actually going on. This is closer to how they’re approaching it:

Herman Cain would be a useful witness here.

I had a doctor’s appointment last week and every employee at the facility has their masks on as did every patient. Here in Arkansas, a significant portion of the population is resistant to the idea of getting the vaccine or even wearing masks. It wasn’t uncommon for me to go to some smaller towns and find that most people refused to wear a mask even when there were signs say they were required for entry. But I never noticed that problem in a medical facility and I’m a bit surprised some of you have.

Several Phoenix school districts are defying Douchey’s no-mask order and government buildings are closing again.

We tried really hard to be number 1 in the nation during the last surge and couldn’t quite do it. Things are looking very promising this surge though.

There was about a week where we were contender, having more cases than the entire EU. Not more cases per capita, more cases.

Yeah, well, Douchey wasn’t really trying then.

I have a standing lunch date with a friend who works at the Department of Economic Security office in Prescott Valley so I get regular updates as to what’s going on with state employees. For out of state folks, DES is where you go for food stamps, medical, TANF, unemployment, child care help, child support enforcement and so forth.

Up until last week, everyone was required to be masked unless they were in their cubes or eating. Clients weren’t allowed in the building, all business was done over the phone or online. Two workers and an armed security guard were tasked with standing at the front doors and handing out information sheets and applications.

On Monday, the office opened. No masks, clients welcome to come in and stay as long as needed.

So, no masks or vaccination requirements allowed in schools, state government buildings and businesses must make reasonable accommodations for people who don’t want to be vaccinated.

We will be number 1 if it kills us, and it probably will.