Will Anti-vaccers take the Covid-19 vaccine?

I’m just making an unfounded assumption, but I think many Trumpers are Anti-vaccers (kind of goes along with being antimask in my opinion).

And I think His Orangeness will try to push the thought that a vaccine is right around the corner (or only delayed because of that damn testing/approval thing) to help in his reelection.

But whenever it comes, I preemptively pit anti-vaccers who will refuse to take a Covid 19 vaccine (to be clear, a fully tested and approved vaccine).

And for those who thought it was a hoax or fake news, even if you want the vaccine, get to the back of the line.

The Anti-Vaxxers seem to be split on both sides of the political divide. You have your very liberal super-crunch granola types from the far-left and on the far right you have some of the Fundamentalist Religious types and of course your conspiracy theory and fake news crowd.

I’m sure whether red or blue, the anti-vaxxers will not be monolithic in their decision making. I hope most will choose to get the vaccine. The more people that vaccinate the better we all are.

The right-wing crazy anti-maskers won’t want the vaccine. But those aren’t the people that will decide this election, they were only ever going to vote one way. For the swing voters with a modicum of sanity it certainly matters what they think about Trump’s handling of the pandemic, that’s why Trump is pushing for a vaccine before the election.

The left-wing anti-vaxxers won’t take it. They’re as whackjob as the right-wing conspiracy theorists. In fact they should get together and get their minds blown by seeing how much their beliefs overlap.

My mother, a right-winger, supported Trump. Fortunately she’s not American so she couldn’t vote for him. She dumped Trump over the coronavirus, but became an anti-vaxxer as well. Her very real fear of the virus caused her to fear the vaccine once she learned how vaccines are made (dead or weakened viruses are used as ingredients in vaccines).

Most anti-vaxxers probably think COVID-19 is not serious. My mother is a bit strange, but only a little. Lots of anti-vaxxers believe in fictitious “side effects” prompted by fear of the ingredients, Big Pharma, etc. There’s dubious reasons for left-wingers to fear vaccines (Big Pharma) and right-wingers (government “overreach”). They don’t have to agree on why they oppose vaccines to be anti-vaxxers.

There is also likely to be an additional large portion of people on the left (possibly myself included) who are not anti-vax in general but are concerned about the safety of this particular vaccine, given the way that politics rather than science appears to be driving its development.

Trump has a way of making what were previously whackjob over the top conspiracy theories, plausible reality.

Historically speaking that was true, still though a minority on both parties then; but more recently the crank/conspiracy magnet machine entrenched in the GOP is in the process of doing with vaccination what it did with tobacco use, evolution, climate science, mask use, and other items.

Turning issues where science should guide us into political litmus tests against it is a feature now for the Republicans, while Democrats are discouraging leaders to follow the anti-vaxxination racket, Republicans are even getting anti-vaxxers in power now and giving them more power.

Personally, even if they don’t admit to it in public and ignoring any reasoning (school/work requiring it), I think a lot of anti-vaxxers will get the vaccine.
Keep in mind the overwhelming majority of anti-vaxxers had vaccines growing up, what they’re doing is refusing to give their children vaccines. That means that even if their kid gets measles or mumps, they’re protected, and it should be noted, with no side effects.

I’m sure a lot of them will refuse to give their kids the vaccine, but I bet a lot of them will get it for themselves.

The problem with the hypothetical is that the vaccine isn’t even ready yet so a lot of people will be skeptical about trying it when we don’t have any long term data.

I think a more interesting question is, if we found out that the measles vaccine ‘wears off’ after 50 years and requires a booster, would anti-vaxxer parents go and get it? They know that herd immunity is dropping and more (unvaccinated) kids are getting it, so will they get a booster to make sure they don’t get sick?

I’d love to say that anyone that’s promoted non-vaccination should go to the back of the line when the vaccine comes out, but like the virus, the vaccine doesn’t care about how you feel about it and the more vaccinated people the better.