I'll say it: I am NOT hoping for a full recovery from any (Politician or media person) anti vax or masker that gets covid

I know the PC thing to say is “I hope that such and such politician or such and such media person, who is anti vax, anti mask, recovers fully from their Covid”

Well fuck that, I don’t. Blood is on their hands and if they suffer the worse possible outcome of this disease; than I’ll be shedding no fucking tears.

I do NOT feel this way about the average citizen anti vaxer, but I do feel this way towards those that influence them.

Go on, tell us how you really feel.

Wishing death or permanent disability on anyone is never a good look. A cascade of negative effects stems from anyone’s getting Covid-19 disease, and that includes dependents of the supposedly evil person and innocents who cross their path. Being happy at their suffering is like gleefully hooting at antivaxers at the prospect that they and their children will be removed from the gene pool.

Much better if Covid-19 denialists survive their unpleasant illness and become advocates for vaccination and other good preventive medicine practices.

Well, at the moment I’m fuming mad at governor Abbott.

He tested positive for covid. But wait, there’s more.

He’s vaccinated, and asymptomatic. He tested positive in routine daily screening. But he’s telling the rest of the state, “don’t worry, be happy”.

But wait, there’s more. Despite having no symptoms he’s being treated with regeneron. Do you know what that costs? Do you think any public school teacher can get that, even if they get seriously ill?

(Regeneron is most effective if administered early, before serious symptoms. But because it’s so expensive, that basically means no one can get it. Except hypocritical politicians, i guess.)

I don’t want him to die. But i want him to realize that most of the people he’s prohibiting from taking any steps to protect themselves might actually, you know, get SICK and not have massive medical intervention to prevent that.

I don’t want them to die, but I want them to get to this point, related to me by a career respiratory therapist: “You wouldn’t believe how many people we have in the hospital who beg us for the vaccine right before we intubate them.”

I want them to get to that point, then survive, then go out and apologize to the world and preach the Gospel of Vaccination.

Short of that, they are not going to become believers. Apparently even having family members who die doesn’t convert them. They have to feel the scythe of the Grim Reaper brush the front of their own throat.

But in Abbott’s case, his policies have literally been homicidal. He has the power to protect life; he’s done just the opposite and endangered it.

I’m not going to go out of my way to celebrate Abbott’s diagnosis and whatever becomes of it, but I can certainly understand it if someone wishes for it.

Beyond that, if someone in power doesn’t have the empathy to protect the people in his state, maybe he really does deserve some pain on some level, no? I’ve said it before: sometimes - many times - pain is the only way people learn.

Not hoping they recover is not the same as “wishing death” on someone. I’m just saying my well wishes will be reserved for those that deserve it.

And no, death does not bring me glee or happiness. I just choose to feel sad for the children filling those mortuary trucks ordered by Texas hospitals rather than the anti masker who is responsible for filling them.

I wish a full recovery and harm-free life, but only if they’ve truly earned their lesson. If they haven’t, then a full recovery and complication-free life actually makes them more of a hazard to society, as they will then claim that the virus is no big deal.

This is a poor argument. Sure, there might be some harm from their death, but you’re tacitly assuming that said harm is greater than the harm they are currently enacting. And you’re assuming something we have tons of evidence will not happen—that they would recover and start taking the illness seriously.

A good moral argument must weigh both sides. And it may wind up that something that was ordinarily a bad thing, like wanting someone to die, is not so horrible. As I’ve said before, I don’t remember anyone saying they’d rather Osama Bin Laden have become a US ally than for him to be killed. So clearly there is a line for most of us.

That said, what I mainly object to is people expressing anger like this, and then some people have to come in and say why their anger is wrong. It would be one thing if their anger wasn’t justified, but it it very much is. I don’t see what these posts tut-tutting people for their anger actually accomplishes. You didn’t even try to frame it as your own personal reaction.

Plus not every expression of how we feel is going to be moral. The OP didn’t actually say he wants them to die. He said he does not hope for their recovery. I think that’s more honest than the platitudes. A lot of us would be happy if someone as bad as, say, Abbot were to die off. It’s hard to argue that his existence has made the world a better place.

It may be “wrong,” but feelings don’t distinguish. All feelings are valid, including the anger that happens because of grief. And this particular anger from grief is a lot better justified.

That’s what this is: we’re grieving the deaths and angry at those who are actively causing them.

Wishing them to be a myrter to stupidity. If it saves lives in a roundabout way it seems like it’s better they die sooner rather than later.

I think the “PC thing to say” is … thoughts and prayers.

There is – as we’ve learned indubitably after every/all the mass shootings – absolutely no requirement for sincerity :wink:

And that’s why I disagree with the OP about hoping that antivax/maskhole fatcats and celebrities don’t recover fully from COVID and have to deal with “long COVID” symptoms.

Because even if I don’t have any particular sympathy for their personal suffering (that they stupidly facilitated by encouraging their followers to disregard public-health measures during a deadly pandemic), I recognize that every second of their “long COVID” impairment and treatment is going to be draining away money and resources that are needed by more responsible people.

I believe government officials should have only the medical aid their constituents have access to.
Those folks dying would do well towards pointing out the errors they espouse in health care.
People died following their advice. They are responsible for those deaths,
I wrote as much to the Governor of Arkansas, and I am very happy that he had the political courage to change his mind.

One of the things I hate about this whole last year, is that I have turned into the person who doesn’t care if they die. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I don’t wish death on them but I’m not going to cry about it either.

If the standard is whether a death will do “more harm than good,” we should all be praying for Abbott’s good health. Because his passing will put Dan Patrick in the Governor’s office, who was Trump’s Texas chairman and the campion of the state GOP’s social conservative wing. He also suggested when COVID was first running amok in spring of last year that old people should be willing to die so that we could reopen the economy more rapidly.

The $25 million that Greg is directing to be used on a snippet of Border Wall near El Paso is also draining away money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Fuckers who can be vaccinated and won’t for DURRRR-SURRRP reasons don’t feel bad about high risks like us diabetics still contracting it, don’t give a shit about those who are elderly and don’t give a fuck about immuno-compromised people.

How about the need for boosters for everyone? Nah, fuck those guys. DUUUURRTRP!

I hope all deaths and major hospital bills hit only the unvaccinated by stupidity crowd by a BIG number. If there’s 100k dead in one week, I’ll cheer if they were all unvaccinated by choice. Let them rot.

At my age, I have only so much empathy to go around. I’d rather reserve it for those who deserve it. Ideas have consequences.

It’s better than encouraging people to spread a deadly disease.

Frankly, it’s basically wishing that a serial killer drops dead of a heart attack before he gets to kill again. Not a great look, but the goal is to, on the whole, reduce the number of dead people, not increase it.

As far as I’m concerned, anti-maskers and people who can get the vaccine but refuse are attempted murderers (or at least negligent homiciders). I don’t wish them a speedy recovery.

I’m not sure what the mods’ interpretation of the rule against wishing death on others is, so I’ll say no more.