I Pit Mr_Hoogly

All the unbelievably stupid people? Do you have a flu vaccine every year? If you’re young and not at risk then probably you didn’t. What’s the difference? Apart from the world’s media ramming covid down our throats.

I have sympathy for all the poor people with cancer or other genuinely dangerous and unavoidable illnesses who have been neglected because of this Asian flu virus.

Risk of vaccine is tiny but still side effects more risky for young people than covid. Key workers have to work all year and pay back extra tax for next 50 years for everyone sitting at home. Why should they get the vaccine if they don’t want?
Maybe like me they resent all handling of this cold virus, it hurt so many people with cancer or illnesses, I don’t want anything to do with vaccines or garbage spouted by these people who have made all the decisions.
Now that I'm vaxxed, is Covid just another cold/flu/no big deal - #27 by Mr_Hoogly



Who knew that all this is due to the media ramming covid down our throats? That’s an unusual mode of transmission.

It’s not fair that some people had to work during the pandemic just to pay extra taxes for all those people sitting at home.

We only want people to get vaxxed so that lazy old, retired people can go on their holidays.

All you fatties out there need to go to fat camp so that he doesn’t have to worry about the Asian flu from being rammed down his throat by the media.

He seems nice.

As a poor person who had cancer, I’d suggest that everyone possible being vaccinated accomplishes more than his pity.

Again with the fucking “media”. And the oldie but a goodie “ramming down throats”. Pick a card.

this Asian flu virus

Well, that says all you need to know.

And in any case, I did have a flu vaccination every year, and so did my family and friends, so he’s full of crap…

Yeah the fucking media which alters the reality of what is happening.

I have heard all over the news and papers the millions piled up In the streets dead, but when I look around I haven’t seen that, strangely enough.

I have seen family members and friends with dangerous illnesses die, let down by the system of ‘anyone without covid is a second class citizen with regards to health care right now’.
Covid has been a terrible thing for victims but the media frenxies everything up in people’s minds and makes them manic and paranoid about what is really the situation.


Are they fucking magicians?

I don’t know anybody who has died of COVID. But there are 331 Million people in the US, and 600 Thousand have died. That is 1 in 500, and that number is not evenly distributed across the population.

The number of people whom I would know if they died of COVID is in the small dozens maybe, and in general they are not the most at risk.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be concerned about the vast swathes of dead. And it certainly doesn’t mean the pandemic was overblown.

Bring out your dead! Show us the dead!

Mr Hooghly NEEDS to see the bodies!

Nothing else will do!

(Maybe he lives in the ‘show me’ state!)

Fuck off, you anti-medicine moron. And take your anti-vax garbage and your moron typing with you.

The problem with you is… well everything. Primarily, you are a fucking stupid gullible idiot, who willingly gobbles up the bullshit being fed to you by the very media you are so happy to shit on.

An example of your fucking idiocy.

No, you have not “heard this” anywhere. It only exists in your febrile imagination, along with your memory of the kleenex that you whacked off into while composing your response.

There were a couple of isolated examples of where there really were media reports of the dead being piled up in the streets: Guayaquil in Spring 2020, for example. But unless Mr Hoogly lives there, why would he have seen it with his own eyes?

Me, too. Well, I get one every year after a few Decembers when I was much younger having a flu from hell that laid me low for nearly a week each time…and made me want to die. I grew a brain and got my flu shot every year after that, and I haven’t had the flu for decades.

Near as I can tell, his argument is that people who have engaged in high-risk behaviors for the past year, deserve to be rewarded for that, by being allowed to take further, and unnecessary, risks.

You can debate the wisdom of the lockdowns and the like. Those had a tremendous cost, and so you need to decide whether the cost is worth the benefit. But the vaccines have almost no drawback whatsoever, and are extremely effective. Getting almost everyone vaccinated (and that “almost” covers only genuine medical contraindications, not things like needle anxiety) should be a no-brainer.

I know it’s a fool’s errand to expect consistency, but here’s what he thinks about the timing of vaccines:

I guess we’re to conclude that he was for the vaccine before there was a vaccine, but now that there is a vaccine, he’s against it.

Impenetrable logic. Like his skull.

It’s… logical? to require something that isn’t possible? What is this I don’t even…

No, no, his point was that we needed the vaccine when we were having all of those deaths. Now that the infection rate and the death rate is down, we don’t need the vaccine.


If you read the whole post, while I still think he’s wrong-headed, his position isn’t completely nonsensical. To start with, he’s specifically talking about the UK and its National Health service. He’s saying the rationale for mandatory vaccinations is to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed. Last year, when the pandemic was at its height, it seemed like the NHS might be overwhelmed, so if a vaccine were available, it would have made sense to make it mandatory. Now, though, voluntary vaccinations and other measures have brought the case rate in the UK down enough that the NHS is in no danger of being overwhelmed, so a vaccine mandate is not necessary anymore.

NOTE: I do not agree with that position, and I think he badly misunderstands some key issues, but it’s not quite as nonsensical as that out of context snippet makes it seem.