Shame on those that refuse the vaccine

Yes, as I mentioned upthread, otherwise she’s been very conscientious about mask-wearing and following all protocols during the lockdown and going forward. She understands Covid is a serious disease and has always acted accodingly, the admittedly huge exception of not getting vaxxed yet aside. I still have hope that she’ll come around, and hopefully before she gets one of the variants.

Thanks, Deeg.

Good to know – and sorry I missed that earlier.

I was going to respond to the original post as ignorant but decided I would be feeding the trolls.

No problem, and I meant to answer the first part of your question to me as well:

I’d be all for that, and maybe it would help convince her to get vaxxed-- “hey sweetie, our vaxxed son and I are going out for some delicious Thai food and then to see a movie— umm, we’ll bring you back a doggie bag if any’s left over…”

Unfortunately, no.

Infection rates in the US are way down from last year; a large portion of the US has been vaccinated. However, a large portion of the WORLD is not vaccinated. We’re lucky - we’re in a wealthy country that has a surplus of vaccines. Meanwhile, COVID will continue world-wide. The longer it can last globally, the longer that people like this remain vulnerable. The more un-vaccinated we have, the more spikes will show up in the US, and the slower the move to herd immunity.

I will agree with what others have said, that people are bad at statistics and risk assessment. However, I can’t hate them for not getting vaccinated - they’re being fed a bunch of lies by Faux News and others that should know better. Yeah, fear mongering is their stock in trade, BUT THEY’RE KILLING THEIR OWN PEOPLE! Same thing with the fundamentalists.


There is a case to be made for choosing your news sources and being responsible for those choices. Nobody is blocking their access to fact based, reliable news sources. They wallow in mis-information. It’s a choice.

Just think about how precarious it is to live on the planet. It’s basically a speck of dust in a huge void, relatively speaking. It is constantly falling through space, barely tethered to a huge exploding ball. You’re protected from deadly radiation, asphyxiation, and the frigid temperatures of space by this really thin bubble of atmosphere, and magnetic fields covering the world. The whole thing is so fragile, like living on the sole of a giant’s boot. Some random meteor could wipe you out at any time and you can’t do anything about it. You think planes are improbable?!

Millions of people dead, that were in their 80’s on deaths Door and about to die of myriad illnesses anyway,sorry that sounds insensitive but it is true.
Died in a car accident while incubating covid? Add you to the list.

Ooh look at you on your computer. Go watch your 10 o’clock news and enjoy paying your extra taxes for the next 50 years for no good reason.

You sure you want to argue for basing the value of a human life on their social utility? I have a hard time imagining you’d come out on top under that arrangement.

Wow, you are a heartless asshole. Fuck you.

Here’s some irrational nonsense - let’s shut down the whole planet’s economies and have a blanket lock down for all ages because of a virus which is essentially harmless to anybody under the age of 40., and the vast majority of everyone else. Ridiculous, Irrational, scare mongering.
It’s worked in you obviously. Think for yourself you ignorant 10 year old.

Thanks Atamasama, I think you just turned me agoraphobic. How deep do I have to dig my new bomb shelter to protect against meteors? :scream:

Holy shit are you ignorant.

COVID-19 also has led to serious illness and even death in younger and middle-aged adults who are otherwise healthy. While most children have mild or no symptoms, some have gotten severely ill. As with adults, even if children have no symptoms, they can spread the virus to others.

While most people recover in a matter of weeks, some experience post-COVID conditions known as “long COVID,” which can appear weeks after infection and can include a range of new, returning, or ongoing health problems. These range from fatigue and muscle pain to—in extreme cases—autoimmune conditions and multisystem inflammatory syndrome, a condition where different body parts become swollen. Even people who had mild symptoms or no symptoms at all when they were infected can have post-COVID conditions.

My grandma died early last year because her kidney disease was dismissed as a ‘stomach bug’
A family friend had a brain tumour and died last year, told to take painkillers.
I have been waiting six months for an mri scan on my injured foot.

Maybe if my grandma and my family friend had a slight cough and temperature they’d have been looked at properly and be alive now.
Because of the hysteria of covid, they are not.

And here’s the thing, nobody who didn’t have to work really had to leave their fucking house, so they didn’t have to catch covid.

Brain tumours and cancer, guess what, no amount of isolating will help. Or washing your fucking hands and bein g careful.

There are worse things than covid.

Fuck off.

Ah great to see you spending time here. Can you do us all a favor and keep your little turds in the Pit and out of the Quarantine Zone?

Please tell me why ‘within 30 days of a covid test’ goes on the death certificate? To skew the numbers is the only reason.

There are, but you don’t have to be one of them.

Try to suck less.

No thanks I’ll speak up because I am angry for all the people with terminal diseases who have been neglected and the way covid has been handled annoys me, sorry if that offends you.