Convincing acquaintances, friends, and family to get vaccinated

So, early in the the vaccine rollout i pushed my mother, my daughter, my mother’s aid, and a co-worker to get vaccinated. Probably they all would have anyway, but i facilitated getting it done sooner.

Now i feel like there’s nothing more useful we can be doing, but I’ve run out of people i have any influence over.

What’s your experience?

I talked to my brother, making no difference at all. I offered to pay my son $100, and his appointment for the first shot is tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.
The rest of us got the shots on our own.

“Glad to hear you want to visit us in Beijing. You’re not staying in our apartment without proof of vaccination because I will have to miss at least one week of work and not get paid for that time. You’ll have to find a hotel, and guess what? Oh, yeah. They’ll require proof of vaccination, too. On top of that, your daily life in your city in China will become more complicated without the vaccine. Stop the conspiracy nonsense and get the jabs!”

Friend’s getting the jab just as soon as his employer (a university) gets it set up for the foreign staff.

I got three people majorly stoned while promising money and a nice Mexican dinner with drinks if they got jabbed. They know that I will send them another fifty bucks when they get their second shots, but also know that the first person to do so will get a hundred instead.

These were relatives, my group of friends are all vaccinated.

I wouldn’t consider being one of those folks knocking on doors to encourage folks to get vaccinated. I might be old and going to die soon, but why risk getting shot by a rabid and hate filled anti-vaxer.

Hubs is on notice that when he gets Delta, I am buying another expensive kitten. Shots are free, Forest Cats and Maine Coons are around 2600.

Begging and logic won’t change his mind, maybe another hit in the wallet will. (I’ve been doing more research on the breeds and will probably get another Maine Coon, plus George is a very convincing argument for another Coon.)

I’m already vaccinated but if I promise to get a booster when it’s available will you post pix of the new kitten?

I thought you’d never ask! There are some of his baby pics in this thread, but I do need to update them.

George has two speeds and currently he’s in full steam ahead mode. I’ll get pics later, when he’s in full stop mode. He’s growing so fast that yesterday’s pics are already outdated!

I forgot to mention this in my reply to the OP, but I knew that I was going to be smoking weed with these relatives and I certainly wasn’t going to share a joint or pipe, so I showed up with brand new, unused pipes to give them to emphasis the point that I thought they were disease ridden plague monkeys.


(Plus enough characters to mollify discourse)

I had a Siberian forest cat. She was nice enough, but i don’t think the breeder socialized her adequately as a kitten. I think that matters more than the breed. Although i had an unofficial Maine coon (she was just a stray from a shelter, but there’s a lot of Maine coon in the local gene pool, and she had most of their characteristics) and she was a truly wonderful cat.

I certainly don’t want to argue with you about this, because you are the one with the experience, BUT…my research says that Forest Cats aren’t that people friendly, not like Coons. Forest Cats are beautiful, undemanding cats and Coons are beautiful, playful, attention whores.

I got wonderful news while composing this post. Another anti-vax but poor relative just texted me asking if I would give her money to be vaccinated. I’m so happy my relatives are poor enough to be cheap to bribe, this is only going to cost $150. $100 for the first jab because I can’t take her out for dinner and drinks and 50 for the next one.

I know that all of them could lie to me about it and show forged documents but they are family. They know that if they lie and/or forge, I will find out and will call them out for it at every opportunity until I die and they will never get anything from me again. I’m known to be a bitch like that.

Damn straight! Just wanted to say this is awesome.

My family lined up for the pokes. Except maybe my middle brother, he’s a right wing christian wingnut that I trade birthday greetings with. He’s probably not poked but I dunno.

None of the rest of family or friends are such dumbasses and selfish drunk driver wannabes as to not be vaccinated.

Congrats! And good work.

I actually sought out the Siberian Forest Cat because they have a reputation of being hypoallergenic, and I have mild cat allergies.

But, while she was hypoallergenic, they had another kitten at the breeder that i was highly allergic to, and my Maine Coon type cat was also hypoallergenic. I think that’s actually common among all the forest breeds (Maine coon, Siberian forest, and Norwegian forest). And I’ve had random domestic shorthair cats that i can tolerate. So now i just interview kittens carefully, including petting them and then touching my eye, and only adopt kittens that my immune system accepts.

One of my best friends won’t get vaccinated. She says she’s waiting “until the experiment has ended in 2023.” I could not bring myself to ask her for an explanation because we’d already gone back and forth on this, with me urging her to get vaccinated, and I don’t want to ruin our friendship. She reads a lot of stuff on reddit. I googled this “experiment” thing and it’s some nutty idea going around (my friend did not make it up). Ironically, my friend’s father was a doctor. I’ve done all I can to try to convince her and there’s nothing more I can do.

Judging from the news it seems the most effective way to persuade unvaxxed relatives and friends is to die unvaccinated yourself. Then the news shows them dabbing their eyes as they stand around the victim’s casket saying, “He was wrong – everybody should get the jab.”

Of course I imagine the unvaxxed part is too late for the responders in this thread, but maybe you can persuade your least favorite cousin to kick it.

Son just texted me a picture of himself in CVS with a bandaid on his arm. :star_struck:

Short of a mandate, either by way of employer or the law, I think this is the best approach. Carrots will at least help preserve your relationship.

Yep. Humans are both paradoxically smart and dumb at the same time, and it seems that the most common way we become slightly less dumb is to experience trauma or to witness it firsthand. I’m sure there were dumbass hominids who shrugged and said ‘It’s just a pussycat’ when told that they really shouldn’t venture into tall grass because lions and leopards would eat their asses.

Freak him out. Ask him if his 5G signal has more bars now.

My friends all were eager to be vaccinated, as was I. My employees were told to get vaccinated or they were not coming back to work. I got no arguments.

My family is all sane, so vaccinated, except for my sister and her husbands klan. They’ve all been through near death from COVID-19, yet remain Trump loyalist deniers. We stopped interacting with them.

Ha! Maybe after the second shot. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Right. Best to wait for the GPS tracking to fully replicate.