Do you say anything about the unvaccinated?

As the holidays approach, many of us may find ourselves socializing with people who may or may not have been vaccinated. What are your personal choices with respect to commenting on peoples’ choices to not get vaccinated.

My personal thoughts don’t go much beyond, “It never crossed my mind that people would NOT get vaccinated” and “I can’t believe people are so STUPID as to not get vaccinated.” The greatest part of me has no problem expressing those thoughts out loud. I’d have to think long and hard before I got to a shortlist of “social” issues on which I considered my position more well-founded - essentially a statement of fact.

But a small part of me shies away from telling friends and family to their face that they are “stupid.” So I imagine I’ll make some effort to just stay silent - maybe shove more food into my mouth!

What have you thought about “sharing” your views?

I’ve said, “I’d like to see you, but I’m not comfortable being indoors with people who aren’t vaccinated.” That’s stirred up quite enough defensive vitriol and pontificating without even crossing the “stupid” line in discourse.

You might ask them if their will is up to date.
Not an issue for us, we don’t hang with people like that. If we met one, I could hand them a copy of my wife’s vaccine book.

“Can I have your power tools/watches/SUV when they take you off the ventilator?”

Luckily, most of the people we’d like to socialize with are vaccinated, but I’ve used susan’s quote a few times.

Oo! I’ve already distanced myself from the anti-vaxxed, but if I find myself in this situation, I’d like to use this line!

The vaccine’s been out for ten months now. If people haven’t recognized they’re being damn idiots by now, my reminding them isn’t going to change anything. In my neck of the woods we’re already too busy arguing about whether the schools are teaching critical race theory and whether Biden or Trump was worse for the country.

At this point, they’re not interested in my views. I place vaccination beliefs alongside politics and religion in the “subjects I refuse to discuss” category. No one’s changing their mind and I’m not changing mine, so talking is a waste of time.

I was thinking more about if the topic came up when you were in a social setting and some/most folk are vexed, but some are not.

Oh, we’re all vexed, the vaccinated by the anti-vaxers and vice versa. :wink:

I don’t have any social interactions with the unvaxxed, period. They’re a lost cause, and I don’t consider people with the collection of views they all seem to share to be worth my time.

Leeway here for those too young to be vaccinated. I haven’t been around any of my friends/relatives kids since this whole thing started, but I don’t hold their status against them. I just don’t care to be in their company at this time.

The only way I’d ever be around antivaxxers is if they are strangers, like at a restaurant or something. I wouldn’t attend a social gathering where unvaxxed people were allowed to attend.

I’m hoping to continue this trend even once the pandemic is over. I do not trust the people who refuse. Either they are malevolent, or they can be easily swayed by those who are. They are not safe to be around in general. They might easily decide to (or be told to do) something else that is this harmful.

I do make impassioned but sympathetic pleas on Facebook though. I figure this is where most of them got their “information” anyways.

I respect the sentiment, but how exactly do you intend to apply it? First, when will the pandemic be over? I suspect I am loosening my behavior as this thing has dragged on with no end in sight. ISTM that if I am willing to crack to door enough to tolerate being in a restaurant where customers remove their masks to eat/drink - that makes me question additional precautions.

If invited to a social gathering, will you inquire whether all attendees have been vexed? And if one person has not, will your decline to attend? Will you eat in restaurants?

Not expressing judgment - simply curious.

We had Thanksgiving at my MIL’s house, along with a few other relatives. Our SIL wanted a friend of hers to attend, as she was without friends or family. We’ve had people like her for Thanksgiving other years.

But the friend isn’t vaccinated. No idea why, as that didn’t matter. The vote was 9 - 1 against her attending (SIL was the one vote in favor).

If, instead of the texted voting scheme, we’d been told the unvaccinated friend would be there, we’d have graciously declined to attend.

I spent Thanksgiving with a small group of family members; three generations including an eight and a ten year old. All of the adults have already had Covid. Only the 76 year old has been vaccinated; he has severe COPD and carries an oxygen generator at all times ever since he got a blood clot in his lung two weeks after he got the shot.

It was a very pleasant day. There was no talk of vaccines at the gathering. I can’t imagine asking anyone anywhere about their vaccine status; it’s simply none of my business.

You need to think a little more carefully about what can reasonably be considered someone’s business. If you (say) entered into a sexual relationship with someone, and they did not disclose their HIV status, how would you feel? None of your business?

We had to uninvite my oldest friend to Thanksgiving.
We were shocked to find out he is unvaccinated. He is a cancer survivor with diabetes, blood pressure issues and obesity. So, very high risk.

I’m shocked by his stupidity and surprised his job allows him to remain unvaccinated. We had too many in our small gathering that are at risk to chance him coming.

I F’ing hate COVID.

Awful kicker, he was also friends with my friend that was younger and healthier than us, that COVID killed early this year.

At least he owned up to it.

Yeah - I have difficulty getting my mind around that mindset.

There’s a generally useful response at family gatherings to the pseudoscience-prone.