I Pit Mr_Hoogly

Yep. It’s kind of like those folks who bitched and moaned about the money that was spent pro-actively fixing the software bugs that would have caused Y2K problems. “Why did we spend all that money fixing things? There were no problems with computers when the clocks all switched over to the year 2000!”


I don’t mean to be disagreeable, but it’s exactly as nonsensical as quoted when taken in context with other incoherent claims he made in that very thread.

Same. Had a bad case of flu one year and made sure to get vaccinated every year thereafter, and have not had flu since. Might be a causal link, might not, but I’ve had no ill effects from it so why not?

Waiter, can we have a booster seat and some crayons?! lol

In Italy they declared this state of emergency with all young people dying and loads of other bullshit that people were afraid to come out their homes.
Then they said in Britain our numbers are worse than Italy and put pictures of ambulances parked up all over the news. Wow look at all those empty ambulances parked up. Nonsense.

So your argument is “There were pictures of ambulances”?


Is it your position that a picture of ambulances on standby evidence that there is no pandemic to be concerned with? Based on what evidence beyond a photo you saw somewhere do you draw your conclusions?

No, I think his argument is “If I personally haven’t seen it, it doesn’t exist”. I presume he feels that way about The Grand Canyon, Tikal and Poverty Point. And you know the Sentinellese, Yanomamo and the Ainu are the same.

I have always gotten a flu vaccine. Still caught the flu one year but it ended up pretty mild compared to other people in my work vicinity (where . And my family didn’t catch it at all despite close contact.

They’re not perfect but they do work.

I thought his argument was “I’m an idiotic, anti-vax troll who too stupid to engage with here on the Dope, but I’ll try and kill as many people as I can with my anti-vax bullshit.”

I don’t think he’s a troll. I think he’s sincerely stupid and callous.

It does seem like not only is he sincerely stupid, but aggressively and determinately so.

What makes him trolly to me is his aggressive posting, even in the QZ. I’m amazed referenced in the OP here didn’t generate a warning or at least a note.

BTW, with his reference to the “Asian flu virus”, I’ll add racist to my list of his characteristics.

To be honest, I was briefly confused by his mention of “Asian flu virus”. For a moment, I thought he was actually referring to an Asian flu virus, and comparing Covid-19 to said virus in some way. I didn’t realize at first that by those words, he meant a virus completely unrelated to the flu.

The fat camp and vacationing retiree comments in the quarantine zone are trolling, IMO. Many of the comments in the pit are pretty trolly too, IMO. But it’s the pit so I honestly don’t care. As long as he’s too busy here to fuck up threads up there like past trolls were trying to do.

Are you stupid mate?
I answered the question about the media panicking everyone ‘look at all the ambulances it must be dreadful’ and they’re just parked there doing nothing. The media and government reports does not match reality.
What don’t you get about that?

Keyboard warrior over here. I say my opinions but all you can do is slate, too much TV.

The vaccine is not 100% safe. Fact
People have unpredictable reactions to it which can be dangerous and debilitating. Fact.

No trolling, these reasons are enough for any sane person to take their vaccine, and allow others to weigh their own risk.

We agree, then, that it’s insane people who don’t get the vaccine, if they otherwise could.

I don’t know what this means.

It ain’t the plague, that’s my point. Hysteria wins with people like you sadly.