I Pit Mr_Hoogly

What don’t you get? People who are healthy and rely on their immune system (particularly workers who have had to work all the way through the pandemic for everyone’s benefit and undoubtedly have built immunity up already), should not be forced to take a potentially unsafe vaccine!
Clearly our ‘leaders’ at least understand this, apart from Macron. But you don’t, I don’t know why.

The part where “I saw a picture of ambulances, therefore, Covid is a hoax!” makes sense to anyone who hasn’t spent the last ten years burning out their synapses with crystal meth.

I mean, most of your posts are full of nonsense and bullshit. But I literally don’t know what “but all you can do is slate, too much TV” means. I can decipher the rest of your ignorant, ill-informed, and dangerous posts, but I’ve never seen the word “slate” used that way, so it’s screwing up the meaning of that phrase for me.

No you’re an ignorant American, I forgot.

The fact that a row of ambulances is being used to whip up hysteria is the problem, dummy.

I have.

I remember all the funeral homes where I live with refrigerated trailers parked outside to handle the overflow of bodies. A lot of them. Here in my neighborhood in New York, but even more so in the 'hood where I grew up (Jackson Heights/Elmhurst).

There are still refrigerated trucks parked in Sunset Park, handling all the unclaimed bodies. Sadly, a lot of victims were undocumented, and their families back in Guatemal or Ecuador or wherever have no way of knowing how to go about bringing the dead back home.

So, well, fuck you.

Blah blah blither blather

He means you are constantly being, “modified by heat, pressure, and chemical processes, usually while buried deep below Earth’s surface.”

And yet they should be allowed the virus to mutate into something more dangerous.

Look, your schtick was entertaining maybe the first time you posted – actually, no, it wasn’t.

Fuck off, troll.

Which are rarer by several orders of magnitude than is dying or getting severely dibilitated by Covid.

Actually research suggests that the vaccine offers better protection against variants of the disease than natural immunity does, so it makes sense to be vaccinated even if they already caught the disease.

The thing you have to realize is that the scientists making these policies are actually really smart people who have already considered all of these different concerns you have and taken them into account when crafting policy.

“But but them are liberal weenies and I are smart so Herp Derp Argle Bargle.”

A drooling moron or a troll… Makes little difference.

You’re right. It’s not the plague. It’s also not the flu. Neither is it lupus, psoriasis, or babesiosis. I could go on all day listing other diseases that it’s not, except that I fail to see the point in doing so.

That still puts me ahead of you, who did think it was a completely different disease.

This is nonsensical. The people who are relying on their immune system are the ones who’ve gotten the vaccine. That’s how you rely on your immune system to protect you.

Nor is there any talk of anyone being forced to take a potentially unsafe vaccine. Instead, there’s talk of people being forced to take the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson vaccine, all of which are known with 100% certainty to be safer than not taking the vaccine.

Nice try, but the moron does not understand one word in 10 of what you just wrote.

No, the problem is the pandemic that’s killed some four million plus world wide, and counting. Reporting on efforts to combat an epidemic using pictures isn’t a “problem,” it’s standard journalism.

Well, I have been called a diamond in the rough…

I’m not your “mate”, dumbass.

A picture of parked ambulances is evidence of ambulances parked. Nothing more. Certainly not anything that is running through your feeble brain.

Why not both?

Neither is your mother.

Yeah, a lot of stuff isn’t 100% safe.

There isn’t a medical treatment in the world that is 100% safe. If being 100% safe is your criteria before having any medical procedure or taking any OTC or prescription medication, you’ll never take an aspirin or cough medication, or put antibiotic on a cut, or get your appendix taken out when it ruptures or or or …

Here’s a well written article about vaccine fallacies. Yours is number 1.