I Pit Mr_Hoogly

Heh heh. That reminded me of South Park…

And looking good on my bathroom floor.

Waking up in the morning is not 100% safe. And yet, every day, billions of people somehow manage it.

My favorite part about putting him on ignore is that whenever someone quotes him, it’s just a quote box, his name and then… nothing.

Unlike vBulletin, Discourse gets it.

My favorite part about not putting him on ignore?
Whenever he posts, it’s just a quote box, his name and then… nothing.

He isn’t misinformed, he isn’t mistaken, and he isn’t stupid.
He is deliberately lying.

At this point I don’t think a person could literally be as stupid as Hoogles is pretending to be and still be able to operate a device you can use to post to the message board. I think this is an act to get a rise out of people and it’s working. I’m on board with the “troll” theory.

Especially since he’s now reveling in people being upset with him. I think he’s now tipping his hand too much.

Oh, I figured as much. But it’s a lovely site, and a good reference so it’s also a lovely cite.

Pics, please!

If I found a Mr. Hoogly on my bathroom floor, I would first scold the dog, and then get some powerful disinfectant to clean it up.

And THIS is why we need to keep the pit.

How many people died from Acetominophen in the USA last year? Answer, around 450. How many got liver damage, bleeding in the intestines and stomach, angioedema, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and kidney damage from Acetominophen?

Gosh, I guess your Tylenol is not 100% safe.

Not a joke but a close family member overdosed on acetaminophen. She was okay but had to be hospitalized. There was no lasting damage but she was lucky.

No medicine is 100% safe. That doesn’t mean you should never take it.

Risk management should be a required subject in all public schools.

Honestly, given it’s, non-medical necessity, frequency of use, and ease with which serious overdose can occur (8 maximum strength tablets in one day or as few as four with alchohol), I think Acetaminophen probably shouldn’t be allowed over the counter.

Of course that doesn’t stop me carefully taking Excedrine for my headaches.

Tylenol and similar combinations of acetaminophen has indeed been banned in the UK and other are sold in small-quantity blister packs specifically because it was a major cause of liver failure.

Because actual risk management.

I personally know of 4 people that I considered good friends die from Covid-19. I know probably another dozen or so who contracted it but survived.

Yeah exactly…

What the fuck are you talking about

He’s talking about your idiot assertion regarding the vaccine.

Try sounding out the big words.