And of course, 100 MASH characters

Well? :slight_smile:

And yet another SDMB Member posts whilst tragically undermedicated. :dubious:

Hey, I’ll play (although I agree with the “undermedicated” theory!)

“Spearchucker” Jones

Hey, everyone needs a hobby.

Colonel Flagg.

Sidney the shrink.

Hawkeye Peirce

Pearce. Sorry, my wife can’t spell.

She probably expects to see an extra ‘u’ in there or something.

Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger

Coporal Lance Spaulding, wonderfully played by folksinger Loudon Wainwright III

That’s Dr. Sidney Freidman.

Donald Penobscot.

Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan (sp?)

He asked me how to spell a word. How was I supposed to know he meant the name? You’re supposed to be on my side, did you forget that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Colonel Sherman Tecumseh Potter

Radar O’Reilly

Captain Jonathan R. Tuttle

I hope Capt. Tuttle counts as a character for this thread.

Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III

Nurse Kelley

Major Charles Emerson Winchester III