And once again, it's the first of May! (not work safe)

And once again, it’s the first of MAY

I, um, wasn’t expecting that.

You know, kinda folky, kinda sweet, kinda…

Not really expecting that. I’ll have to alert the husband. To the back yard!

Hope May first was warmer in British Columbia than it was here. We froze our naked butts off.

But it was worth it!:stuck_out_tongue:

It rained here. Not that I had anyone to celebrate properly with, anyhow.

Heh. Nice.

Did he write that song? It’s just that I remember the line: “Hey, hey, it’s the first of May! Outdoor fucking starts today!” from the Illuminatus! books. It’s how I guessed what this thread would be about beforfe I opened it.

Allan Sherman quotes it in his book The Rape of the APE from back in the 1970s. Evidently that chant has a history. Sherman (who uses “Hooray” in place of “Hey”, which fits the meter better) implies that it goes back decades, probably at least to the forties or thirties.

It warms my pagan heart, it does. :slight_smile:

:: shuts off computer, goes outside ::

My Dad worked with a guy who, for years, would come into the office every May 1st and yell “Hooray Hooray, it’s the first of May, out door fuckin’ starts today!”. That tradition started in the very early 70’s. So I too am certain Jonathan Coulton did not coin the phrase.

But I like the song and it’s message!:slight_smile:

Then Came The Last Days Of May – Blue Öyster Cult

Best. song. ever.

YES! Finally, someone who understands!
Gotta love JoCo.

Why is Worker’s day the day for fucking outside?, some kind of Employer-Employee metaphor?

I always heard it as *Hooray, hooray, it’s National Outdoor Intercourse Day! *which scans even better and gets you in marginally less trouble if overheard in high school.

I’m guessing that that’s just more-or-less the day when temperatures get warm enough for comfortable outdoor nudity, in a significant swath of the English-speaking world. Though not Montana; we had a few inches of snow on the ground on May 1.

I like the WoW version: (NSFW–Naked WoW characters)