And people say knowing Latin isn't of any use

Well, it helped us win last night’s trivia competition!

After five rounds of questions, and the famous faces, and the scrambled movie titles, our actuarial team was tied for first place with the IT team (boo, hiss).

So it came down to the tie-breaking question:

Neither team knew, but the Latin geeks in the actuarial team felt sure it had to be a Latin abbreviation and plumped for *bis in nocte * (twice in the night). And we were right. :slight_smile:

Our prize: two rather lovely bottles of wine for each member of the team. And the chance to rub it in to the IT team every day for at least the next couple of weeks.

My mother, a retired registered nurse, has a t-shirt that says “Love a nurse-PRN”

The letters stand for a direction for taking medicine. “Pro re nata” means “as needed.”

Cool win you guys had! Our library has well attended trivia contests, and I love participating in them.

My brother had a bumper sticker on his car that read: “Sola bona lingua est mortua lingua.” Even I, with only enough Latin to figure the root words on the SAT, could parse that and love it.

Apropos of nothing, I think that at least half of my knowledge of Latin comes from the Harry Potter series.

[wild stab]The only good language is a dead language?[/wild stab]

Real life application: During the war in the Balkans, Winnipeg absorbed a fair number of refugees, some of whom showed up at my mom’s clinic. Bemusingly, their medical records were written in Latin. A parochial-schooled colleague was able to translate.

An old school friend of mine was once lost in the Italian countryside, didn’t speak a word of Italian, and couldn’t locate anybody who spoke English. But he did speak Latin, and promptly found himself a man of the cloth to converse with.

Direct hit.

Una mortua lingua didicit… Vincisne una vivens?

Those who are called the Romans, they go the house?

I only took German in high school, while both my brothers took Latin. They laughed themselves sick at this scene. I laughed with them, but you don’t really get it until you’ve taken some Latin.