And so the Gestapo tactics begin (OWS)

Yes I Godwinized my own thread in the title but in this case it is actually a fitting description.

How can this be seen as anything less than fascist?

(more there but can’t quote all of it for Board rules)

I know many here are no fans of OWS but regardless of your political leanings this shit should scare you and bother you deeply.

I pit the NYPD for showing themselves to be the lackeys for their corporate pay masters that they obviously are.

Are there any other sources for this information?

I guess the moral of the story is to pay the fine when you get an open container violation and you’re an anarchist.

You don’t think that police like this would simply find another pretext?

Hell…pay the fine. That won’t stop them. You may remember from very recently:

That is the case the Supreme Court said the police can strip search you for almost any legal violation.

No, they didn’t say that.

True. They said “officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband.”

That was “any”, not “almost any”.

Yep, they did say that. And we debated that thoroughly here, with the consensus being the court got it right. I agreed.

“They were correct to say what they said, and therefore did not say it.”


When Worlds Collide!
One day only!
Occupy Wall Street May Day Shut Down
Marxist idealism runs head on with Gestapo Police tactics.
Reserve your seats early!

If that’s directed at me, you’ll have to be more specific.

They did not say what WaM said, but they did say what Mr. D said. Those are not the same.

I emailed the author of the article and was pointed to this one on the same subject.

The pedantry is strong with you.

Fine, not exactly the same but still nitpicking at its finest particularly because strip searches and the SCOTUS decision are not the point of the OP or my post.

I used that example to show someone who paid their fine was arrested anyway. I noted the strip searching part so it would remind people of what the recent case was and that it was not some obscure happening.

Other than the word “almost”, yes they are. An infraction gives them the ability to arrest you, and an arrest means you can go to jail. So any infraction can result in a strip search.

The only difference is that saying it that way makes it sound worse. But if that’s enough to get you to be ashamed of your position, you might want to rethink it.

Not pedantry. Sloppiness, either intentional or otherwise on your part. The triggering of the search is being booked into jail, not the offense, which is what your post implied. And the action is as much to protect the people in jail, including the new person, as anything else. No one reading your post without being familiar with the case would know that.

Then you should have stopped right there, instead of expanding into another area where you made a factually incorrect statement.

Thank you. It looks like typical New York jackassery.

When I opened the thread, I really was expecting the reference to brownshirt tactics being the vandalism that occurred last night in San Francisco, where protesters were breaking car windows, mashed up some businesses, and attacked a police station.

A parking ticket is a legal violation. Can you be strip searched for that? No? Then I am correct in saying “almost” any legal violation.

There are legal violations that do not see you booked into a jail and thus cannot result in a strip search.

But was anyone arrested on a warrant for their arrest? If not then it obviously doesn’t rise to the level of evil that happened in New York.

You are conflating the Brown Shirts with the Gestapo I think. Hitler had a lot of them killed during the Night of the Long Knives.

The Gestapo were the Nazi’s secret police force.