And the award for fastest recidivism goes to...

this guy.

Think another stay in jail is just what he needs to be properly rehabilitated?

I liked the part about how the sheriff’s chaplain held a gun on the guy. Tough priests in that town!

I just recently found out that one of the priests at the church I attend is a black belt in aikido. I’m studying karate myself, and our other priest, Fr. Steve, mentioned it.

Who said clergy can’t be tough?

Heh, he sounds like a bad lot, but it’s a sort of fun story. Idiot steals a manual transmission car that he can’t actually drive, then meets a priest (!) with a gun. :eek: Wow.

Too thick to be a criminal, mate, get a job instead.

Edited to make sense. First version sounded as though idiot Bad Guy tried to steal the priest.

You’re assuming that our current system of incarceration is designed for rehabilitation.